Sights and Sounds: Dinoscovery @ Discoveria – Avenue K

The problem with school holidays is that little boys get bored staying at home and when they get bored, they get up to all kinds of mischief. The temptation to keep them out of trouble with an iPad or the idiot box becomes all most too great to resist so the only answer is to get out of the house andContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: Dinoscovery @ Discoveria – Avenue K”

Play Gyms and Adventure Mazes: Young Explorer in 1Mont’ Kiara

A number of years back, when G1 was much younger, I took him to explore Young Explorer in 1Mont’ Kiara and he did the holiday program that they had on at the time. Over the years, we have been back a couple more times with G1 attending birthday parties held there, but G2 has neverContinue reading “Play Gyms and Adventure Mazes: Young Explorer in 1Mont’ Kiara”

Children’s Garden Water Play and Adventure Playground

Gardens by the Bay just got a whole lot more fun for kids… …or perhaps it’s been fun for a while but we just never noticed these additional outdoor themes… Children’s Garden Water Play The Children’s Garden is located down a path to the right just before the Friends of the Gardens Office (opposite the ticketingContinue reading “Children’s Garden Water Play and Adventure Playground”

A Morning at the “Ocean”

We managed to catch the Beautiful Ocean Event at Midvalley Megamall before it ended. If you missed it, check out the photos. The set-up was really lovely. We signed the pledge to stop eating shark’s fin – at least I did – and G1 learned a bit more about what happens to the sharks whenContinue reading “A Morning at the “Ocean””

Celebrating the Milestones…

…because things do get better. There was a time when the idea of G2 sitting down quietly to read a book in a library seemed preposterous. I still remember the death stares from the people in the “quiet section” that happened to be near a ramp my two-year-old son was tearing up and down inContinue reading “Celebrating the Milestones…”

Abstract Art Fun – Exploring Colours…

Childhood creativity leads to innovation in adulthood… so I decided it was time to dig out our canvases and paints again for a bit of abstract art fun… G2 painted “Mountains at Sunset” – the title was given by me since that’s what it looks like to me. I was out of fresh canvases, soContinue reading “Abstract Art Fun – Exploring Colours…”

Tools of the Mind: Play Plans

Tools of the Mind is a program implemented in some pre-schools and kindergarten that was found to be very effective in helping children develop self-control which we all know is a strong predictor of future success. But that’s not all. Tools of the Mind also improves behaviour – which is really what I’m after forContinue reading “Tools of the Mind: Play Plans”

Sights and Sounds: Fremantle Market

During our trip to Perth, we also visited Fremantle Markets where we spent half a day. It is sort of reminiscent of the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. What is there to see at Fremantle Markets? Lots of fresh food… There was also Freo Honey Shack that G1 got to sample and they were also selling freshContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: Fremantle Market”

An Afternoon at the Singapore Explorer’s Playground in Midvalley Megamall

The Singapore Explorer’s Playground in Midvalley Megamall (Ground Level, Main Concourse) is on this weekend so I took the boys to check it out before the mad rush this weekend. It is apparently a showcase from the Singapore Tourism Board to raise parental awareness of the numerous educational programs and activities available in Singapore forContinue reading “An Afternoon at the Singapore Explorer’s Playground in Midvalley Megamall”