The Gasing Hill Adventure

Spending time in nature is important for the Cognitive, Emotional, and Physical Health and Development of Children. We finally took the boys to Bukit Gasing for “an easy hike”. After our previous recce trips to Gasing where we explored a number of trails, I chose what I thought was the “easiest” trail. It was an easyContinue reading “The Gasing Hill Adventure”

Play Activities: The Hideout Construction Set

The boys have a habit of rearranging my furniture to create all manner of new-fangled “hideouts” in my living room. It is probably a carry over from their toddler days when I would hang up some blankets and we would pretend we were going camping. I don’t know if it is it just a kid thingContinue reading “Play Activities: The Hideout Construction Set”

Judo Belt – Celebrating the Little Victories…

One year ago, G1 earned his orange belt in Judo. Two weeks ago, he got his highly sought after promotion to green… The road to success, especially in a field that is not your element, can be long and arduous. It is easy to give in and give up. So we must celebrate the little accomplishments, be gratefulContinue reading “Judo Belt – Celebrating the Little Victories…”

Sights and Sounds: Hutan Simpan Bukit Nanas

The boys had their annual eye examination. G2’s hyperopia appears to be slowly correcting itself. G1, unfortunately, has developed mild myopia. Although it is not significant enough to warrant getting him glasses, I am concerned. While myopia has been linked to hereditary genes, there is research to support its prevention by spending more time outdoors. AccordingContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: Hutan Simpan Bukit Nanas”

When Robin Hood and Lil’ John Visited Stars Archery

G2 has a thing for Robin Hood. From time to time, he’ll ask to dress up as Robin Hood. Since the boys were on holidays, I decided to give them a real life “Robin Hood” experience with a bow and arrow… Stars Archery We went to Stars Archery at Sunway Pyramid and the boys went two rounds with 53Continue reading “When Robin Hood and Lil’ John Visited Stars Archery”

The Scree-Free Test

While I’m not aversed to my children using technology, I do believe in moderation. In the past, I usually set “screen-time-detoxes” where there is a blanket ban on screens and I usually help the boys along by offering screen-free activities to keep them occupied. This time I tasked G1 to find his own ways to occupy himself without the screen.Continue reading “The Scree-Free Test”

Daddy’s Boys – Go-Karting @ City Karting in Shah Alam

“For both sons and daughters, a dad’s affection is vital. Affection is reassuring; it conveys love in a way that words cannot.” – Steve Biddulph In Raising Boys, Steve Biddulph highlighted the three stages of boyhood: Birth to 6 – the span of time when the boy primarily belongs to his mother. He is “her” boy,Continue reading “Daddy’s Boys – Go-Karting @ City Karting in Shah Alam”

Science Center – Crime Investigation “Whodunit?”

There was a special “Crime Scene Investigation” exhibit at the National Science Center that has been running since 8 September 2014 (and ending on 5 February 2015 – three days time) that I accidentally discovered recently. Since the boys had the day off, we decided to do a little sleuthing. As the exhibition is on itsContinue reading “Science Center – Crime Investigation “Whodunit?””

Fossil Dig from the Ice Age!

When G1 was little, he was mad about dinosaurs. One of the activities he really enjoyed was digging for dinosaur fossil. We used to use fossil digging kits back then but they were costly and messy. Perhaps because of that, we never really did this activity with G2… Digging Dinosaurs from the Ice Age! AtContinue reading “Fossil Dig from the Ice Age!”

Lego Mindstorm: Spiker vs Bug

When G1 first received the Lego Mindstorm EV3, I had secret hopes that he would discover some deep-seated interest in robotics and he would end up something like Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6 – designing and creating his own robots. Sad to say, once he’d made Reptar, he wasn’t really interested to go further. Bummer. After repeated suggestionsContinue reading “Lego Mindstorm: Spiker vs Bug”