Bullying: Understanding, Responding, Preventing It

Bullying. It’s that “B” word that strikes fear into the hearts of parents. We could do everything in our power to protect our children from it and still fail. Perhaps it is the knowledge of our impotence that makes the “B” word so terrifying. Recently, our school took on this troubling topic to help parentsContinue reading “Bullying: Understanding, Responding, Preventing It”

How to be a Parent of Successful Children

Want to know if you’re going to raise a successful child? According to the research, there are 12 key traits that parents of successful children have in common. Business Insider has summarised them here: They make their kids do chores Using measures of individual’s success such as completion of education, getting started on a career path, IQ,Continue reading “How to be a Parent of Successful Children”

Trinity Kids Parenting Series – Raising a Total Child

When I had my first child, I remember thinking, “What did I get myself into? I don’t know the first thing about looking after children, let alone a baby!” It was a state of panic that I was constantly in, not knowing if anything I did was right or okay. To top it off, aContinue reading “Trinity Kids Parenting Series – Raising a Total Child”

Preventing Cyberbullying “Right from the Start”

Bullying, in particular, cyberbullying, has become the new nightmare of many a parent living in the digital age. What is it and what can we do about it? Developing Media Literacy When we talk about the development of media literacy, there is one particularly important aspect that we must not forget – the education ofContinue reading “Preventing Cyberbullying “Right from the Start””

Some Boys Marry Boys…

…and some girls marry girls. In Nurture Shock, there is a chapter that talks about the importance of talking about racial differences. Before I read that chapter, I used to think that if we didn’t want our children to be racist, we shouldn’t bring attention to the differences between ourselves and someone from another race. IContinue reading “Some Boys Marry Boys…”

Being Obedient vs Doing the Right Thing

As a parent, I want to raise children who will do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, not because they seek approval or that they fear the punishment or consequence. Having been brought up in an Asian culture, I fear that we place far too much emphasis on obedience. When children doContinue reading “Being Obedient vs Doing the Right Thing”

A Forest Adventure in Bedok

I like to think I’m a pretty adventurous person – from climbing trees and stemming doorways as a child to caving, hiking and rock climbing as an adult, I always thought that my kids would be the same. It turns out that they are far more like their father than me in this department. Nevertheless, IContinue reading “A Forest Adventure in Bedok”

Mental Toughness and Resilience

Mental toughness and resilience are two qualities that are often on my mind when I think of the kind of attributes I would like my children to develop. So when personal life coach, Clive Leach, came to GIS to talk about Mental Toughness, I knew I couldn’t miss this one… Mental Toughness – What is it? DoContinue reading “Mental Toughness and Resilience”

Boys Shalt Not Weareth Pink

…or do ballet, apparently. Clearly, I missed that memo. Two years ago, when G1 wanted to do jewellery making as an co-curricular activity, I remember feeling apprehensive. Back then, my concern was not that he had chosen an activity more often associated with girls, but that he might be made fun of. It turned outContinue reading “Boys Shalt Not Weareth Pink”

A Critical Thinking Exercise

Some time back, I wrote about the importance of Critical Thinking in the Age of the Internet. Although I have spoken to the boys – particularly G1, since he is older and has more understanding – that they cannot believe everything they see on the Internet, sometimes, it helps to have a real-world example to makeContinue reading “A Critical Thinking Exercise”