Why You Should Send Your Child for Music Lessons

We know that happy children are children with friends. How do you help your child make friends? Teach them emotional regulation and empathy. Another thing you can do is send them for music lessons. What are the benefits of sending a child for music lessons? Music offers numerous benefits of children, and these are justContinue reading “Why You Should Send Your Child for Music Lessons”

Learning is Fun with Hestia

Hestia makes learning fun through music. These songs teach children about history, geography, and science. Here are some of the songs by Hestia: How a caterpillar turns into a butterfly A History Quiz – American History Great People – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Rivers and Mountains Look for more songs by Hestia on Amazon.

How to Help Your Child Develop Perfect Pitch

One of the things that Right Brain Training tries to teach your child is Perfect Pitch. I’ve always been fascinated with Perfect Pitch because I can’t hear an off-key to save my life.  I think that’s the downside of learning the piano – you never have to learn to tune your instrument because someone elseContinue reading “How to Help Your Child Develop Perfect Pitch”

Tell Me Thursday – Music Class

Here’s the scoop from the first ever music class I tried to organise for Gavin… I started by collecting all his noise-making toys into a box and presenting it to him to try one by one.  If I could read Gavin’s mind, I think he must have thought, “Boring, Mummy,” because we were through allContinue reading “Tell Me Thursday – Music Class”

Thomas and Friends Music

As a mother to a child who is a huge fan of Thomas and Friends, these music CDs have been my saving grace on many a car journey. Whenever my son was difficult in the car seat, music really soothed the savage beast. Or rather, Thomas’ music did. Definitely a best buy Thomas’ Songs andContinue reading “Thomas and Friends Music”