Programs: Memory Magic

About Memory Magic Memory MagicĀ is a collection of games using unique learning methods that are designed to help develop and strengthen the parts of the brain used for rapid memory and recall. By playing these games, your children can develop encyclopedic knowledge, 100 object sequential memory, rapid memory and recall, increased concentration, early word recognition,Continue reading “Programs: Memory Magic”

Handwriting Activities: Linking Memory Story Writing

This activity was something we started doing recently for a number of reasons: handwriting practice exercise creativity screen-free activity Daddy is very particular about Aristotle’s handwriting, but the thing about handwriting, unfortunately, is that you have to practice to get better at it. The problem with practicing handwriting is that Aristotle finds it boring. IContinue reading “Handwriting Activities: Linking Memory Story Writing”

Apps: Right Brain Training – Mandala Memory Trainer

The wonderful thing about the iPad/iPod/iPhone is that if you are patient enough, someone will eventually create the app that you are looking for. When I first wrote my Right Brain Training for Lazy Moms series of blog posts (the links are listed below), I searched high and low for a Mandala app that wouldContinue reading “Apps: Right Brain Training – Mandala Memory Trainer”

Right Brain Kids: Developing a Photographic Memory

If you want to understand a little more about how to develop the photographic memory function of the right brain, below is an interesting excerpt from a Right Brain Kids’ newsletter explaining how it works. PhotoEyeplay – one of the Wink activities from Right Brain Kids – helps train your photographic memory. Having a photographicContinue reading “Right Brain Kids: Developing a Photographic Memory”

Re-Designing the Brain: Sharpening Perception and Memory, and Increasing Speed of Thought

My initial interest in this subject began with its application in early childhood development. It was only in recent times that I wondered if I might apply it to the Mom Brain as a means of maintaining output without degradation of quality. The general advice for handling the memory loss associated with motherhood is toContinue reading “Re-Designing the Brain: Sharpening Perception and Memory, and Increasing Speed of Thought”

Linking Memory and Photographic Memory Function

For home practice, I have been working with Gavin on the random linking memory activity. He was starting to get a little bored with the activity so I threw in a few dinosaurs and it seems to have renewed his interest. He has been asking me daily for new “dinosaur” stories. I have noticed aContinue reading “Linking Memory and Photographic Memory Function”

Brain Development, a Photographic Memory and New Words

Disclaimer: I am not a neuroscientist nor do I claim to be an expert on neuroscience. The content in this blog post is what I have understood about the workings of the brain based on books that I have read and what I learned in neuroscience during my second year in University. Feel free toContinue reading “Brain Development, a Photographic Memory and New Words”