Financial Education: Lessons in Running a Store

Why would you want to expose a child to the world of business so early? Well, because there are a lot of lessons that children can learn from running a store. Even for a young child, this experience can be very enriching. Briefly, here are just some of what they can learn: communication presentation salesContinue reading “Financial Education: Lessons in Running a Store”

Life Lessons: Religious Education

Children ask the most innocent question to subjects we are often ill-equipped to answer. As a result, I think it is often best to raise the topics ahead of time or at least prepare for them. I think the three toughest questions are: Life and death How babies are made Religion Well, we’ve covered theContinue reading “Life Lessons: Religious Education”

Can We Help Our Children Live Life Passionately?

Sometime back I read about an experiment performed by Joshua Bell and the Washington Post to test whether the general public would recognise musical brilliance if it was played for them incognito in the morning rush hour of a DC subway. I forget the title of the book that made reference to it, but IContinue reading “Can We Help Our Children Live Life Passionately?”

Character Building Stories – Real Live People

Examples of real live people whose lives represent a role model our children can aspire towards. Following the conception of Value Tales, an old series of books by Spencer Johnson, you can create your own value tales using the life stories of your own personal heroes. Briefly, here are character building stories from some ofContinue reading “Character Building Stories – Real Live People”

Life Lessons: Inspiring Our Children to be Great

Since I started my little project of sending Gavin to as many different trial classes as possible, I have to confess my enthusiasm has waned considerably from the time that I conceived the idea. Despite how simple it sounds, the endeavour has been far more exhausting than I had envisaged. Spending the day at homeContinue reading “Life Lessons: Inspiring Our Children to be Great”

Recommended Reading List for Life Lessons: The Berenstain Bears

I was looking for some new books for Gavin when I stumbled across the Berenstain Bears series by Stan and Jan Berenstain which I thought looked pretty good. Since I haven’t actually read them, I can’t really say if they really are good, but I have two books on order – Berenstain Bears visit theContinue reading “Recommended Reading List for Life Lessons: The Berenstain Bears”

Life Lessons: Let’s Talk About Sex

After all my “preparation” to talk about the Birds and the Bees, Gavin finally asked me where babies came from. I have always made it a point not to make up stuff that isn’t true because I don’t want to have to un-explain things to him when he’s old enough to understand he’s been toldContinue reading “Life Lessons: Let’s Talk About Sex”

Life Lessons: Talking about Life and Death

For every parent, I think there are three hairy questions we have to face at some stage of our children’s lives: death, where babies come from, and religion. When Gavin first raised the question about death, I had been ill-equipped to deal with it. Since then, I’ve found an excellent book that talks about deathContinue reading “Life Lessons: Talking about Life and Death”

Adversity Quotient – Why Your Child Needs to Lose Sometimes

An adversity quotient is a score that measures the ability of a person to deal with adversities in his or her life. It is commonly known as the science of resilience. – Wikipedia There is an interesting article in the New Asia Republic about Amy Chuah’s new book that I would like to draw yourContinue reading “Adversity Quotient – Why Your Child Needs to Lose Sometimes”

Book Review: Mind in the Making by Ellen Galinsky

I’ve been trying to study the Tools of the Mind program from the book by Elena Bodrova like I said I would some time back, but I confess I have not been making much headway. It reads very much like a textbook and I feel like falling asleep before I can even get through oneContinue reading “Book Review: Mind in the Making by Ellen Galinsky”