Using Educational Songs to Teach Subjects

When you’re teaching a subject, it is always easier when you use a medium that your student is interested in. For example, Gavin was crazy about Thomas and trains so I used Thomas and all his friends on the Island of Sodor to teach him his ABCs, numbers and colours. Recently, I’ve noticed that GarethContinue reading “Using Educational Songs to Teach Subjects”

Using Soroban (Japanese Abacus) to Teach Anzan (Mental Maths)

What is Soroban? Soroban is the Japanese abacus.  It looks very similar to the Chinese Suanpan (which is to be expected since it was derived from the Suanpan when it was first introduced to Japan in the 1600s) except that instead of having two beads in the top part, it only has one. What isContinue reading “Using Soroban (Japanese Abacus) to Teach Anzan (Mental Maths)”

Learning is Fun with Hestia

Hestia makes learning fun through music. These songs teach children about history, geography, and science. Here are some of the songs by Hestia: How a caterpillar turns into a butterfly A History Quiz – American History Great People – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Rivers and Mountains Look for more songs by Hestia on Amazon.