Teach Your Child to Read Russian with Little Reader Russian Curriculum!

Introducing BrillKid’s Little Reader Russian Curriculum! Wish your child could read Russian? Wish no more… The new Russian Curriculum pack for Little Reader is now available at the all BrillKids Online Shops! This curriculum pack will help you teach your young child how to recognize thousands of Russian words, understand their meaning, and finally learn toContinue reading “Teach Your Child to Read Russian with Little Reader Russian Curriculum!”

Little PIM April Fool’s Promo – Learn a Foreign Language!

What is Little PIM? Little PIM is a comprehensive language program to help parents teach their child a foreign language even if they don’t know the language either. Designed for children from birth to age 6, Little PIM offers language programs for: Spanish Chinese French Italian German Japanese Arabic Hebrew Russian English as a Second LanguageContinue reading “Little PIM April Fool’s Promo – Learn a Foreign Language!”

Struggling to Learn a Foreign Language? Try Singing It…

Learning a foreign language is always challenging – more so the older we grow. If you’ve always struggled to learn a new language, preliminary research demonstrates that singing can help you learn that second language twice more easily. This is because of the strong link between music and memory. From the journal “Memory & Cognition”Continue reading “Struggling to Learn a Foreign Language? Try Singing It…”

Teach Your Child to Read Spanish with Little Reader Spanish Curriculum!

Introducing BrillKid’s Little Reader Spanish Curriculum! Yup. Now you can teach your child to recognise thousands of Spanish words, understand their meaning, and learn to speak Spanish! BrillKids are offering a full 12-month curriculum specially designed to teach children to read in Spanish! The Spanish curriculum includes lesson subjects in 264 categories and contains: 2,428 uniqueContinue reading “Teach Your Child to Read Spanish with Little Reader Spanish Curriculum!”

BrillKids Little Reader Thai Curriculum Pack Out Now!

There are so many benefits to learning a second language, one of which is the development of self-control – one of the best predictors of future success. Now you can help your child learn Thai with the newly released Little Reader Thai Curriculum Pack! About Little Reader Thai Curriculum Pack Little Reader Thai Curriculum Pack is a completeContinue reading “BrillKids Little Reader Thai Curriculum Pack Out Now!”

Apps: Little PIM – Teach Your Kid a Second Language

Self-control in a child is the best predictor for future success and one way to help children develop their self-control is to teach them a second language. Unfortunately, if you’re like me, you probably only have one language in your repertoire so teaching your child a second language is a challenge. This is an appContinue reading “Apps: Little PIM – Teach Your Kid a Second Language”

Learning Languages: Little PIM

There are many benefits for children learning a second language and the consensus seems to be pretty clear – the younger your child starts, the easier it will be – especially if it is before they reach about the age of 7 years. This is because the brains of young children are primed for learning –Continue reading “Learning Languages: Little PIM”

Apps: iTooch Educational Series for Math, Science, and Language Arts

Some time back we were invited to try the iTooch educational apps series but with so much going on, it took us a while to get around to it. I’m glad we finally made time for it because it is actually pretty good. The iTooch series of apps are created by eduPad. What’s great about themContinue reading “Apps: iTooch Educational Series for Math, Science, and Language Arts”

Apps: See Me Talk

See Me Talk is an app designed for people who have difficulty communicating effectively. It is based on a picture exchange system developed for people with speech delays to communicate their needs independently and effectively. It was developed by a Special Education Teacher with over 12 years experience, in consultation with Speech Pathologists and parents of childrenContinue reading “Apps: See Me Talk”

Happy International Children’s Book Day!

It’s International Children’s Book Day on April 2! And BrillKids is having a sale at their online shop! What’s International Children’s Book Day? International Children’s Book Day is celebrated all over the world with aim to inspire a love of reading and to bring attention to children’s books. It is celebrated on April 2 becauseContinue reading “Happy International Children’s Book Day!”