When Anyone’s a Friend

Hercules is back at school. When I picked him up from school after the first day back, we had the following conversation… Me: How was school? Hercules: Good! Me: What did you do? Hercules: Play with friends. Me: What are your friends’ names? Hercules: Children! Don’t you love childhood? You don’t need to know anythingContinue reading “When Anyone’s a Friend”

When Two Boys Start Goofing Around…

May I present to you Aristotle and Hercules in their first ever performance… Aristotle is playing the ventriloquist for a stuffed dragon. He makes the dragon bite Hercules’ ear. Hercules: Argh! My ear! My ear! Aristotle makes the dragon bite Hercules’ arm. Hercules: Argh! My arm! My arm! Aristotle makes the dragon bite Hercules’ leg. Hercules: Ow! MyContinue reading “When Two Boys Start Goofing Around…”