School Holiday Fun – Jungle Gym Hopping

The school holidays are upon us and we’re stuck with the same old dilemma – how do we keep the kids busy and stay sane at the same time? Well, we got off to a good start with some healthy, wholesome fun with a visit to Roller Sports, the Jungle Gym, and a trip toContinue reading “School Holiday Fun – Jungle Gym Hopping”

Christmas Fun: Making Gingerbread Man

When I enlisted G2’s help to decorate the Gingerbread people for the school Christmas party and gifts for their teachers… Um… Well, the boys had fun… Here’s the recipe: This lovely Gingerbread Men recipe from, although I didn’t follow the recipe exactly. It turns out, I forgot to add the egg yolk. But the recipe stillContinue reading “Christmas Fun: Making Gingerbread Man”

Practicing Practical Life Skills

When G2 was younger, I made him a set of dressing frames so he could practice some Practical Life Skills. Despite the effort and care I put into making these, G2 didn’t really care to practice these skills. Until I made him the vest for his Frodo costume: He couldn’t stop putting it on so heContinue reading “Practicing Practical Life Skills”

Simple Science: pH Indicators, Acids and Bases with Red Cabbage

Any experiment with colour is always a sure winner. If it has changing colours, even better… So when I saw this pH experiment kit, I couldn’t resist. This is another experiment by Denjiro that I bought from Japan. Like our Solar Car, the instructions were entirely in Japanese but between the pictures and what I could recall fromContinue reading “Simple Science: pH Indicators, Acids and Bases with Red Cabbage”

Simple Science: Solar Powered Car

When I was a kid, I had a school excursion to some science exhibition where they taught us about renewable and non-renewable energy sources. They had a model “energy saver” house that ran almost entirely on renewable energy sources. It left quite an impression on me and it made me a whole lot more conscious aboutContinue reading “Simple Science: Solar Powered Car”

Fun Activities: Jumping Fun at JumpStreet Great for Kids

This was one of those activities I planned for the kids anticipating that they will go absolutely ape over it and proclaim me the best parent that ever walked on this planet. G1, having been there before for a friend’s birthday party, was already familiar with the place and his enthusiasm only served to fuel his brother’s. InContinue reading “Fun Activities: Jumping Fun at JumpStreet Great for Kids”

Apps: RPG Lego Harry Potter for Fans of Lego and Harry Potter

Lego Harry Potter… Could anything be sweeter to a boy that happens to like both Harry Potter and Lego? After reading the books and watching the movies, G1 was eager to feed his Harry Potter addiction with more, so I consented to getting the Lego Harry Potter app. It’s an RPG (role-playing game) – the kind I usedContinue reading “Apps: RPG Lego Harry Potter for Fans of Lego and Harry Potter”

Water Play: The Club @ Bukit Utama

The boys were invited for a play date at The Club @ Bukit Utama recently and I eagerly accepted just to get them out of the house to wear them out a little. Truth be told, it was G2 that I wanted to wear out more than G1. Since returning from our trip south, he has added a stringContinue reading “Water Play: The Club @ Bukit Utama”

Books: Give Me a Hug

I stumbled on this book while I was at the bookstore and thought it was just the perfect book for G1 who’s always been a bit of a “glass half-empty” boy. Give Me a Hug: 8 Life Lessons from Nick your kids cannot miss It tells the story of Nick Vujicic – an international motivational speaker who was bornContinue reading “Books: Give Me a Hug”

Watch Out! It’s Dragon Fever!

Happy Reading If you’re stuck for a series of books to introduce to your child, you won’t go wrong with Cressida Cowell’s “How to Train Your Dragon”. This is a marvelous series of books that has been and still is one of G1’s all-time favourite books. Cressida Cowell has a knack for story-telling with a wit thatContinue reading “Watch Out! It’s Dragon Fever!”