Rhino’s Sleepover

G2 brought home “Rhino” – the class mascot – to stay over for the night. His responsibility was to look after Rhino and to write in a diary about the things they did together. So here’s how he entertained Rhino… Let’s go to Africa! First they “flew” off to Africa to visit the waterhole where theyContinue reading “Rhino’s Sleepover”

Simple Science: How Plants Absorb Water and Nutrients

We had excess food dye left over from our Advanced Potion Making Class so we decided to try the coloured-water absorption experiment with cabbage leaves. You can use other plants, like celery or flowers, but the effect is clearest when you use a light coloured plant, like chinese cabbage or white daisies. We didn’t have easy access toContinue reading “Simple Science: How Plants Absorb Water and Nutrients”

Advanced Potion Making Class

We like playing pretend and exploring the countless magical worlds we can be a part of in our minds. Sometimes we invent them, sometimes we borrow them, and sometimes it is an amalgamation of various worlds we have heard about. Yesterday, G1 decided he was going to attend an Advanced Potion Making Class from Harry Potter and create a fewContinue reading “Advanced Potion Making Class”

Boy Speak – the Lingo of Dads and their Sons

Some time back, G2 had a submersion accident. He was playing in shallow waters and he slipped into a deeper section where his head went under. He swallowed some water before he was pulled to safety by G1. Given his penchant for leaping into water with no consideration for his own safety, we decided that it was time toContinue reading “Boy Speak – the Lingo of Dads and their Sons”

Art and Craft: Pom Pom Creatures aka Pluffs

G1 is my creative boy. Every now and then, he’ll ask to make random stuff… Recently, he wanted to make a pluff. What’s a pluff, you ask? Here they are: Materials: Wool or embroidery floss A tube (3-4cm in diameter) – we used a Tiger Balm jar scissors googly eyes sticky felt for decorating glue (optional –Continue reading “Art and Craft: Pom Pom Creatures aka Pluffs”

Some of the Best Lessons are the Hardest to Learn

G1 had sports day recently. It was… um, not too good. He was extremely disappointed about coming last – in every activity. Coming last wasn’t the bad thing. It was his poor sportsmanship that was appalling. It would have been a terrific learning opportunity for G1 – if only he could see it for what it was. TheContinue reading “Some of the Best Lessons are the Hardest to Learn”

Daddy’s Boys – Go-Karting @ City Karting in Shah Alam

“For both sons and daughters, a dad’s affection is vital. Affection is reassuring; it conveys love in a way that words cannot.” – Steve Biddulph In Raising Boys, Steve Biddulph highlighted the three stages of boyhood: Birth to 6 – the span of time when the boy primarily belongs to his mother. He is “her” boy,Continue reading “Daddy’s Boys – Go-Karting @ City Karting in Shah Alam”

No “Bananas” Here Please!

Recently read this hilarious post by Cilisos about the 9 Problems Faced by Bananas, but even as I was guffawing through it, I quickly sobered up with the awareness that my boys may be growing up like bananas, too. Just in case you’re not familiar with the term, a banana is a reference for a Chinese person who can’t speak ChineseContinue reading “No “Bananas” Here Please!”

Geronimo Stilton Helps Out with Children’s Reading Comprehension

Doman has always said that when it comes to early learning, never to test your child because it is the fastest way to put him off learning. After observing that what Doman said was true, I steered clear of testing for fear of putting my boys off learning. Unfortunately, that also meant I never really knewContinue reading “Geronimo Stilton Helps Out with Children’s Reading Comprehension”