Growing Pains and Teething Pains

It’s been a rough few nights, hence very little blogging from me.  Gavin’s teething again – or at least I think he is.  From the very first tooth he ever cut, Gavin appears to have a rather rough time with teething.  He loses his appetite, he gets mildly feverish, and he gets diarrhoea.  The currentContinue reading “Growing Pains and Teething Pains”

Toddlers with Fussy Appetites – What's the Cause of it?

Hubby read an article in The Star today about Picky Eaters and brought it to my attention.  It was an interesting article, although I don’t think it really sheds that much light on Gavin’s case.  I’ve reprinted it below because The Star often archives their old articles and the articles become very difficult to access. Continue reading “Toddlers with Fussy Appetites – What's the Cause of it?”

Probiotics and Pediasure – Part 2

This is the continuation on my study of one.  Please note that these are purely my own observations based on my son.  Nothing can be concluded, however it might be worth while offering probiotics to a child with a fussy appetite. Gavin has been on Probiotics for about a month and since we started himContinue reading “Probiotics and Pediasure – Part 2”

Growth Checks for Children

My friend, V, sent me this very interesting link from The Star for checking the growth of children.  Most BMI charts we see are usually for adult reference, but this is a BMI chart for children.  Since there has been a constant concern about Gavin “losing” weight ever since he started to lose his babyContinue reading “Growth Checks for Children”

Fussy Eaters, Probiotics and Pediasure

Gavin has been ill recently and, as most toddlers usually are when they’re ill, he wasn’t really eating much.  As a result, there had been a noticeable “flattening” of his cheeks and belly which was a huge cause for alarm for Gavin’s grandparents.  Although I was always confident he would return to his usual eatingContinue reading “Fussy Eaters, Probiotics and Pediasure”

Nursing While Pregnant – What are the Risks?

Okay, I promised an update on this topic… My reasons for continuing to nurse Gavin throughout the pregnancy and for tandem nursing (nursing an older child while nursing a baby): allows Gavin to bond with me without taxing me too much (it’s definitely a lot less tiring to lie in bed and cuddle him thanContinue reading “Nursing While Pregnant – What are the Risks?”

Babies Need Love to Survive

When Aristotle was born, I used to get warnings from well-intentioned relatives that I shouldn’t carry Aristotle too much or he would get spoilt and expect to be carried all the time.  One of those well-intentioned relatives happened to be my mother who was rather proud of the fact that she left my brother toContinue reading “Babies Need Love to Survive”

The Hidden Dangers of Smoking

I know a lot of smokers who avoid smoking around their children to protect them from second-hand smoke.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be enough.  Paediatrician, Jonathan Winickoff, now warns that we need to be aware of third-hand smoke – “the tobacco toxins that build up over time—one cigarette will coat the surface of aContinue reading “The Hidden Dangers of Smoking”