Puzzle Games – Monument Valley

If you’ve been following Season 3 of House of Cards then you may have already heard about Monument Valley… While I’m sure the game received a huge boost to be featured on such a popular TV series, it really is a great game worthy of its own accolades. I downloaded it for G1 but G2’s reallyContinue reading “Puzzle Games – Monument Valley”

The Art of Learning – Birth of a Chessmaster…

…okay, maybe not. When G1 was younger and interested in learning chess, I bought The Art of Learning: Chessmaster – Grandmaster Edition. Back then, the dream was to groom the next Magnus Carlsen and what better way to start than to let G1 get acquainted with International Chessmaster Josh Waitzkin who offers a one-on-one crash course in chessContinue reading “The Art of Learning – Birth of a Chessmaster…”

When Robin Hood and Lil’ John Visited Stars Archery

G2 has a thing for Robin Hood. From time to time, he’ll ask to dress up as Robin Hood. Since the boys were on holidays, I decided to give them a real life “Robin Hood” experience with a bow and arrow… Stars Archery We went to Stars Archery at Sunway Pyramid and the boys went two rounds with 53Continue reading “When Robin Hood and Lil’ John Visited Stars Archery”

Mastering Good Sportsmanship – Winning and Losing with Grace

I attended the PTCs with G1’s teachers recently and one of the areas he needed working on was his sportsmanship. G1 hates to lose which is nothing I didn’t already know, but apparently he takes it very poorly at school – now that I didn’t know. From the stories I’ve heard, he sounds like aContinue reading “Mastering Good Sportsmanship – Winning and Losing with Grace”

The Scree-Free Test

While I’m not aversed to my children using technology, I do believe in moderation. In the past, I usually set “screen-time-detoxes” where there is a blanket ban on screens and I usually help the boys along by offering screen-free activities to keep them occupied. This time I tasked G1 to find his own ways to occupy himself without the screen.Continue reading “The Scree-Free Test”

Kindergarten Activities: The Listening Game – for Teaching Effective Listening and Clear Communication

In Mind in the Making, Ellen Galinsky refers to 7 essential life skills that every child needs to be taught. Two of those skills are “perspective taking” and “communicating”. Part of perspective taking involves being able to listen – a task that can be quite challenging for young children. In the Tools of the Mind program,Continue reading “Kindergarten Activities: The Listening Game – for Teaching Effective Listening and Clear Communication”

Mama, Where’s the Car Engine?

Some time back, G2 asked me about the car engine. Since I know very little about car engines, all I could do was open the bonnet and show him what it looked like. Well, okay, I did point out the battery and I also showed him where the petrol goes in. Unfortunately, that was aboutContinue reading “Mama, Where’s the Car Engine?”

Rhino’s Sleepover

G2 brought home “Rhino” – the class mascot – to stay over for the night. His responsibility was to look after Rhino and to write in a diary about the things they did together. So here’s how he entertained Rhino… Let’s go to Africa! First they “flew” off to Africa to visit the waterhole where theyContinue reading “Rhino’s Sleepover”

Simple Science: How Plants Absorb Water and Nutrients

We had excess food dye left over from our Advanced Potion Making Class so we decided to try the coloured-water absorption experiment with cabbage leaves. You can use other plants, like celery or flowers, but the effect is clearest when you use a light coloured plant, like chinese cabbage or white daisies. We didn’t have easy access toContinue reading “Simple Science: How Plants Absorb Water and Nutrients”