Holiday Projects: DIY Lego Board Games

The holidays are upon us and I didn’t want the boys having too much time on their “screens” so I gave them a project. Design a Board Game Why a board game? Because board games for good for executive function development so we’ll have a new game to play after they’re done. See, I like efficiency – one activity,Continue reading “Holiday Projects: DIY Lego Board Games”

Learning Support for Reluctant Learners and Additional Needs

These are summary notes from a series of workshops from our school.  Sensory resources & accommodations to support reading and writing at home Table work: Alternate desk away from distractions Standing table Alternate seating options such as a fitball, wobble seat, wedge, Frequent breaks Independent work: Provide quiet area with less auditory and visual distractions RepeatContinue reading “Learning Support for Reluctant Learners and Additional Needs”

Book Week Family Reading Challenge

Our school kicked off a family reading challenge during book week following the idea from a father daughter challenge to read together for 100 straight bedtimes without missing once. Our children were given a goal to read for ten minutes each evening for two weeks in a row with a parent or a family member. So that’s what we did… The idea behind itContinue reading “Book Week Family Reading Challenge”

STEM with LEGO: Bricks4Kidz

We are big fans of LEGO not just because it’s great for children’s development but also because it’s fun. LEGO: encourages creative expression develops fine motor skills helps children develop focus builds spatial intelligence fosters the development of ideas LEGO is also a great way to promote STEAM education. Now you can extend your child’s learningContinue reading “STEM with LEGO: Bricks4Kidz”

Star Wars Science: Are You Jedi or Sith?

This is a fun and easy science experiment to do with the kids… Star Wars Mini Lightsaber: Dark Side Detector The boys received this cool toy for Christmas when they were in full Star Wars frenzy. After assembling the lightsaber, you can turn on the lightsaber by pressing a button. As the story goes… theContinue reading “Star Wars Science: Are You Jedi or Sith?”

The Magic School Bus Science Club – Worldwide!

“Take chances, make mistakes and get messy!” If you recognise that catchphrase, then you must be familiar with Ms Frizzle and her zany science adventures with the Magic School Bus. Anyone who’s ever “met” Ms Frizzle knows that she really knows how to make science come alive! And now, for the first time, Educents willContinue reading “The Magic School Bus Science Club – Worldwide!”

Colouring for Mindfulness, Stress Therapy, Concentration and Memory

The adult colouring book is the new therapy for stress. They call them Mindfulness Colouring Books because they’re supposed to help you practice mindfulness – which we all know is good for the mind and body. When it comes to practising mindfulness, it gets a bit challenging because it’s difficult to sit still and be awareContinue reading “Colouring for Mindfulness, Stress Therapy, Concentration and Memory”

Art Activities: Design a T-Shirt

Here’s a fun activity to do with the kids: create a unique t-shirt design utilising a variety of methods: tie dye fabric markers puff paints iron-on applique beads and sequins Tie Dye   Use tie dye to create a unique backing. The following instructions explain how to create different tie dye effects: Fabric Markers AddContinue reading “Art Activities: Design a T-Shirt”

Get Kids Moving with GoNoodle

There is a deep connection between the mind and the body and we have seen how movement of the body can influence the development of the brain: Movement is good for the brain If you only do one thing for your brain, it should be this… Physical activity and sports are important for brain development and academic performanceContinue reading “Get Kids Moving with GoNoodle”