Activities for Kids that Promote Flourishing

Flourish on Amazon. When we talk about our parenting goals, we often speak about wanting our children to be healthy, to be successful, and to be happy. The scientific term we’re really looking for is “flourish”. What we want for our children is for them to flourish. In one of the workshops we had at school,Continue reading “Activities for Kids that Promote Flourishing”

Simple Science: Coke-Mentos Explosion

This is a very easy experiment and one that all kids love. It’s messy so best to do it outside. There are also lots of variations you can test out: Diet versus normal soft drink Coke versus other soft drinks Mentos versus other sweets Hint: for the biggest explosion use diet soft drink and fruit Mentos.Continue reading “Simple Science: Coke-Mentos Explosion”

Resources: STEAM Projects for Kids

Saw this cool video on TED Talks and was inspired to look up some easy engineering projects for kids… Books Rubber Band Engineer 19 designs for turning common materials into crafty contraptions, ranging from slingshot rockets to unique catapults to hydraulic-powered machines. All you need are household materials, such as paper clips, pencils, paint stirrers,Continue reading “Resources: STEAM Projects for Kids”

The Wheelie Experience

Breaking out of your comfort zone is never easy. It is especially challenging when you get too comfortable in your niche. Such was the case when we tried to encourage G2 to use the two-wheeled scooter instead of his old three-wheeler. He adamantly refused to try the two-wheeler until his Glider XL met with an untimely accident. G2 hadContinue reading “The Wheelie Experience”

A Forest Adventure in Bedok

I like to think I’m a pretty adventurous person – from climbing trees and stemming doorways as a child to caving, hiking and rock climbing as an adult, I always thought that my kids would be the same. It turns out that they are far more like their father than me in this department. Nevertheless, IContinue reading “A Forest Adventure in Bedok”

Adventures in Singapore – Sentosa Island Fun and More

Being open to experience is a quality that is more important for success than IQ. Unfortunately, being open to experience is a personality trait and we all know personality traits aren’t easy to change. The recommendation for change is usually to take frequent steps in your desired direction (even if they are small ones), so we try toContinue reading “Adventures in Singapore – Sentosa Island Fun and More”

Adventures in Funtopia

Breaking out of our comfort zones on a regular basis is good for us. Here’s why: it can make us more productive it can help us perform at our peak it improves our ability to handle the new and unexpected curve balls that life throws at us it helps us get used to pushing our boundaries it helps usContinue reading “Adventures in Funtopia”

My Kingdom Playground at The Parenthood

Every holiday, we try to explore new places and new jungle gyms. The Kingdom at The Parenthood in the newly revamped Sunway Putra Mall came to our attention recently, so here we are… The Parenthood The Parenthood is a one-stop, multi-purpose edutainment family store that incorporates: 1. Shopping for your family needs (think baby stuff, likeContinue reading “My Kingdom Playground at The Parenthood”