Simple Science: Solar Powered Car

When I was a kid, I had a school excursion to some science exhibition where they taught us about renewable and non-renewable energy sources. They had a model “energy saver” house that ran almost entirely on renewable energy sources. It left quite an impression on me and it made me a whole lot more conscious aboutContinue reading “Simple Science: Solar Powered Car”

Co-Curricular Activities: Baking

G1 is exploring a new curricular activity this term – Baking. I heartily encouraged this choice because I think every child should learn how to cook because cooking is an essential life skill. Yes, I realise that baking is only a small part of cooking, but you have to start somewhere. How else do you get aContinue reading “Co-Curricular Activities: Baking”

Extra-curricular Activities: Jewellery Making

When I was in Primary School, my brother and I would walk to school together. One morning, a boy from my brother’s class saw us together and teased my brother about “walking with his girlfriend”. After that day, my brother never walked to school with me again. Back in those days, boys got teased for doing anythingContinue reading “Extra-curricular Activities: Jewellery Making”

Fun Activities: Jumping Fun at JumpStreet Great for Kids

This was one of those activities I planned for the kids anticipating that they will go absolutely ape over it and proclaim me the best parent that ever walked on this planet. G1, having been there before for a friend’s birthday party, was already familiar with the place and his enthusiasm only served to fuel his brother’s. InContinue reading “Fun Activities: Jumping Fun at JumpStreet Great for Kids”

Apps: RPG Lego Harry Potter for Fans of Lego and Harry Potter

Lego Harry Potter… Could anything be sweeter to a boy that happens to like both Harry Potter and Lego? After reading the books and watching the movies, G1 was eager to feed his Harry Potter addiction with more, so I consented to getting the Lego Harry Potter app. It’s an RPG (role-playing game) – the kind I usedContinue reading “Apps: RPG Lego Harry Potter for Fans of Lego and Harry Potter”

Water Play: The Club @ Bukit Utama

The boys were invited for a play date at The Club @ Bukit Utama recently and I eagerly accepted just to get them out of the house to wear them out a little. Truth be told, it was G2 that I wanted to wear out more than G1. Since returning from our trip south, he has added a stringContinue reading “Water Play: The Club @ Bukit Utama”

Fun Activities: The Magic of Sand Play

There must be something magical about sand play because my boy can’t get enough of it. To say that G2 loves sand play would be an understatement because he lives for it… He seizes every opportunity for a bit of sand play… Whenever, wherever we are, as long as there is sand to be had… EvenContinue reading “Fun Activities: The Magic of Sand Play”

Simple Science: Awesome Coloured Milk Experiment!

There’s a really cool experiment on Science Alert that I tried with the boys recently. It’s so easy and so visually impressive that it’s almost criminal to sit this one out. It’s not often that you come across an experiment that makes such an impact and doesn’t require any fancy materials or equipment… Here’s what you need:Continue reading “Simple Science: Awesome Coloured Milk Experiment!”

Creative Writing: How the Bee Got Home by Gavin Goh

This is another update of G1’s fictional work… Recently, a friend recommended StoryBird to us. She thought that it would be a great place for G1 to create and share his work. StoryBird is like an online community for aspiring writers to create, share, and publish their stories. StoryBird also provides a library of artwork that writers can add to theirContinue reading “Creative Writing: How the Bee Got Home by Gavin Goh”

Fun Activities: Indoor Camping…

The haze is back… What do you do when the weather is bad and you can’t go outside to play? Why you go camping indoors, of course! This was our make-shift tent using an IKEA bed tent. The tent is supposed to lock onto the children’s bed frames from IKEA (which we don’t have) soContinue reading “Fun Activities: Indoor Camping…”