The Chocolate Test

When G1 was little, I read about the success of the Marshmallow test for predicting future success. I decided to try it out on G1 but since he wasn’t familiar with marshmallows at the time, I swapped them out for Kit Kat instead and dubbed it the Kit Kat Test. The test was done onContinue reading “The Chocolate Test”

Sights and Sounds: The Pinnacles – Western Australia

G1: We’re going to see stones in the desert… The Pinnacles Located north of Perth in Nambung National Park, the Pinnacles is a two and a half hour drive away from the city. Rated as the top attraction to see in Cervantes by TripAdvisor, the Pinnacles are interesting limestone structures out in the desert. AlthoughContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: The Pinnacles – Western Australia”

Happy Mother’s Day, Babylicious Update and Aristotle’s Home Program

How apt that it is Mother’s Day and I have chosen this day to ponder over the future direction of this blog… So first up, let me wish you Happy Mother’s Day! Now, on to the next part… This blog has been a reflection of the journey I have taken since I first discovered IContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day, Babylicious Update and Aristotle’s Home Program”