Personal Lessons on the Growth Mindset

After a difficult sports experience at the start of the year, I was really pleased to see G1 doing so much better at his school swimming gala. His overall attitude and approach to the event were leaps and bounds ahead. He participated and I could see he was really trying his hardest. For that, I am grateful.Continue reading “Personal Lessons on the Growth Mindset”

Science: Having Fun with the Solar System

G2 is learning about space in school so when I this cool solar system jigsaw puzzle in Borders, I couldn’t resist. It would have been way cooler if it had been “glow in the dark” but for RM25, who’s complaining? All right! All right! The truth is I’ve always wanted one of these for myself becauseContinue reading “Science: Having Fun with the Solar System”

Art: Pointillism – the Artistic Style of Dotting

G1 is learning about different art styles at school. This week, he learned about Pointillism. Pointillism – a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. The artist they have been studying is Georges Seurat – one of the artists who developed the technique of Pointillism. GeorgesContinue reading “Art: Pointillism – the Artistic Style of Dotting”

It’s Not Enough to be Present – Children Need Our Presence

When I had children, I decided that I was going to stay home so I could give them what I felt they really needed – my time. As they’ve grown older, I think I’ve forgotten what it really means to give someone your time so this is a timely reminder for me… In the FISH!Continue reading “It’s Not Enough to be Present – Children Need Our Presence”

Good Practices for Encouraging Positive Behaviour

As G1 grows up, we have observed cyclical patterns of difficult behaviours. Although he is generally my “good” kid, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge these very trying periods that often make me question the kind of parent I have been. Perhaps that’s what makes it even harder for me to accept – the fact that he is my “good”Continue reading “Good Practices for Encouraging Positive Behaviour”

The Art of Learning – Birth of a Chessmaster…

…okay, maybe not. When G1 was younger and interested in learning chess, I bought The Art of Learning: Chessmaster – Grandmaster Edition. Back then, the dream was to groom the next Magnus Carlsen and what better way to start than to let G1 get acquainted with International Chessmaster Josh Waitzkin who offers a one-on-one crash course in chessContinue reading “The Art of Learning – Birth of a Chessmaster…”

When Robin Hood and Lil’ John Visited Stars Archery

G2 has a thing for Robin Hood. From time to time, he’ll ask to dress up as Robin Hood. Since the boys were on holidays, I decided to give them a real life “Robin Hood” experience with a bow and arrow… Stars Archery We went to Stars Archery at Sunway Pyramid and the boys went two rounds with 53Continue reading “When Robin Hood and Lil’ John Visited Stars Archery”

The Scree-Free Test

While I’m not aversed to my children using technology, I do believe in moderation. In the past, I usually set “screen-time-detoxes” where there is a blanket ban on screens and I usually help the boys along by offering screen-free activities to keep them occupied. This time I tasked G1 to find his own ways to occupy himself without the screen.Continue reading “The Scree-Free Test”

Rhino’s Sleepover

G2 brought home “Rhino” – the class mascot – to stay over for the night. His responsibility was to look after Rhino and to write in a diary about the things they did together. So here’s how he entertained Rhino… Let’s go to Africa! First they “flew” off to Africa to visit the waterhole where theyContinue reading “Rhino’s Sleepover”

Boy Speak – the Lingo of Dads and their Sons

Some time back, G2 had a submersion accident. He was playing in shallow waters and he slipped into a deeper section where his head went under. He swallowed some water before he was pulled to safety by G1. Given his penchant for leaping into water with no consideration for his own safety, we decided that it was time toContinue reading “Boy Speak – the Lingo of Dads and their Sons”