The Master Builder has Arrived

During the Christmas holidays, I was trying to get the boys back into the mood for creative LEGO play so I decided to inspire them with my own creation (MOC). I took the LEGO Mountain Hut… …and modified it by constructing a mountain behind it… …with a secret hideout: I was hoping to inspire G1 to workContinue reading “The Master Builder has Arrived”

About Introverts and the Introverted Child

A Manifesto for Introverts 1. There’s a word for ‘people who are in their heads too much’: thinkers. 2. Solitude is a catalyst for innovation. 3. The next generation of quiet kids can and must be raised to know their own strengths. 4. Sometimes it helps to be a pretend extrovert. There will always beContinue reading “About Introverts and the Introverted Child”

Parenting with a Growth Mindset

I wanted to put this out there because I feel that sometimes we fall into that trap of needing to create the perfect portrait of the happy family and anything that mars that image is a sign of failure for us as parents. With social media often only showing the best face of our families, we sometimes forgetContinue reading “Parenting with a Growth Mindset”

Summer Holidays – Beating the Summer Slide

When kids don’t read, work math problems, or aren’t engaged in other learning experiences, not only does their education not continue, it can regress. This problem usually occurs when kids don’t get opportunities to learn over the long summer holidays. It can result in these children coming back to school at a disadvantage. This decline isContinue reading “Summer Holidays – Beating the Summer Slide”

Skiing at Falls Creek in Victoria, Australia

After hearing so much about how wonderful Ski School is, we planned a trip to the mountains so that G1 and G2 could get their first taste of skiing. Where to go? Although there are many places you can go skiing with the kids, we chose Falls Creek in Victoria, Australia because: We have family in the region. VictorianContinue reading “Skiing at Falls Creek in Victoria, Australia”

Summer Holiday Fitness with Mama the Drill Sargeant

G1 is not particularly partial to sports so when the Summer Holidays came, I got a little worried because I knew that all physical activity would go out the door once he no longer had to do any compulsory activities from school. Since we all know how important physical activity is, the drill sargeant kicked in and here’s how we managed to stay active… WeContinue reading “Summer Holiday Fitness with Mama the Drill Sargeant”

On the Hunt for Dinosaur DNA in Bukit Dinding

Our foray into nature and the great outdoors continues in Bukit Dinding… The drill sergeant, aka Mum, sent the boys hiking again. This was Daddy’s trail so even I had no idea how far we were going. I half expected that we would have to turn back before making it all the way to the top butContinue reading “On the Hunt for Dinosaur DNA in Bukit Dinding”

The Gasing Hill Adventure

Spending time in nature is important for the Cognitive, Emotional, and Physical Health and Development of Children. We finally took the boys to Bukit Gasing for “an easy hike”. After our previous recce trips to Gasing where we explored a number of trails, I chose what I thought was the “easiest” trail. It was an easyContinue reading “The Gasing Hill Adventure”

On Eye Tests, Hyperopia, Myopia and Other Eye Stuff

Vision is a real obsession of mine. Between hubby and me, the boys have the hereditary risk of developing hyperopia or myopia. Early detection is important because children suffering from sensory impairment – especially vision and hearing – can have learning difficulties in school. On Hyperopia Since all children start off long-sighted which eventually corrects itself as they getContinue reading “On Eye Tests, Hyperopia, Myopia and Other Eye Stuff”

Judo Belt – Celebrating the Little Victories…

One year ago, G1 earned his orange belt in Judo. Two weeks ago, he got his highly sought after promotion to green… The road to success, especially in a field that is not your element, can be long and arduous. It is easy to give in and give up. So we must celebrate the little accomplishments, be gratefulContinue reading “Judo Belt – Celebrating the Little Victories…”