Breastfeeding Baby – A Mother's Benefits

We often talk about why breastfeeding is beneficial for the baby, but rarely is there any consideration given to how breastfeeding might benefit a mother. In fact, most people seem to perceive breastfeeding to be a sacrificial practice that mothers offer to their babies. I’ve heard concerns from women that breastfeeding means saggy breasts andContinue reading “Breastfeeding Baby – A Mother's Benefits”

Bonding with Baby – How Breastfeeding Helps

Aside from all the other benefits that breastfeeding offers, for me, the primary benefit of breastfeeding my son was that it made me feel like Mum. When Gavin was born, I was surrounded by people who all knew more about babies and children than I did.  They knew how to hold the baby, bathe theContinue reading “Bonding with Baby – How Breastfeeding Helps”

2nd Pregnancy Week 15

If you’re wondering, like my SIL2 was, what happened to some of my earlier blog posts, well, they accidentally got deleted.  How did that happen?  Well, I can only assume that it must have been sheer idiocy that possessed me when I decided to revert to an old backup of this blog.  As a result,Continue reading “2nd Pregnancy Week 15”

More on Breastfeeding During Pregnancy

I thought I would write a more thorough blog post on this topic because it seems more concerns about my nursing during pregnancy have cropped up.  Frankly, I’m quite amazed by the negativity towards breastfeeding I have experienced since I first decided I was going to breastfeed Gavin.  Even after all this time, there areContinue reading “More on Breastfeeding During Pregnancy”

Nursing While Pregnant – What are the Risks?

Okay, I promised an update on this topic… My reasons for continuing to nurse Gavin throughout the pregnancy and for tandem nursing (nursing an older child while nursing a baby): allows Gavin to bond with me without taxing me too much (it’s definitely a lot less tiring to lie in bed and cuddle him thanContinue reading “Nursing While Pregnant – What are the Risks?”