Bilingualism Resists Distraction in a World of Distractions

We live in a world of distractions. Everyday in every way, something clamours for our attention. It’s no wonder we lose track of our thoughts and the things we are doing. So how can we train ourselves to better resist these distractions and stay on task? According to the neuroscientists, bilingualism may be the answer…Continue reading “Bilingualism Resists Distraction in a World of Distractions”

Revisiting the Mozart Effect and Other Music Benefits

New studies breathe new life into the Mozart Effect… The ‘Mozart Effect’ was a phenomenon first suggested by a scientific study published in the journal Science in 1993. The study, involving 36 students, demonstrated that teenagers who listened to Mozart’s 1781 Sonata for Two Pianos in D major performed better in reasoning tests than adolescents who listenedContinue reading “Revisiting the Mozart Effect and Other Music Benefits”

Programs for Children with Cognitive Impairment and Learning Disabilities

I have had several queries about helping children with learning disabilities so I thought I would consolidate everything I have learned here. Please be aware that I am not an expert on learning disabilities nor do I have any experience with children with learning disabilities. I am deeply fascinated by the brain, the depth of its capabilities and itsContinue reading “Programs for Children with Cognitive Impairment and Learning Disabilities”

Introducing the Brain+ Virtual Brain Coach

Some time back, I wrote about a brain training app called Brain+ that was designed to train attention, memory, planning and problem solving. Now the developers have added a new feature that will take your brain training to a whole new level. Introducing your new brain coach… Brain+ has added a brand new feature to their scientificallyContinue reading “Introducing the Brain+ Virtual Brain Coach”

Apps for Developing Logical Deduction, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

I like apps that require the boys to think creatively for solutions to win the game. Here are a few new ones we’ve come across recently… Pettson’s Inventions Deluxe Help old man Pettson and his cat Findus build their amazing inventions! Which of the objects should be included and where do they fit in the machinery? DragContinue reading “Apps for Developing Logical Deduction, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Skills”

Brain Scans Show How Learning a Musical Instrument Enhances Our Brains

We know that learning music is good for the brain. Learning a musical instrument is even better. We’ve covered these points many times in previous articles: 18 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn to Play the Piano Why You Should Send Your Child for Music Lessons The Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument Learning a Musical InstrumentContinue reading “Brain Scans Show How Learning a Musical Instrument Enhances Our Brains”

Battling the Mom Brain – Part 2

During pregnancy, they say that the brain shrinks a little and they attribute that as the reason why pregnant women are so forgetful. Supposedly, this is all meant to return to normal after the pregnancy (give or take a little bit of recovery time) – “should” and “normal” being the operative words. Except that it’s now sevenContinue reading “Battling the Mom Brain – Part 2”

If You Only Do One Thing for Your Brain, it Should be This…

Let’s face it, we’re all pretty busy with our lives and we don’t always have time for everything we want to do. If we want to do something good for our brains, it should be something that gives us the greatest bang for our buck; and if we could do only one thing for ourContinue reading “If You Only Do One Thing for Your Brain, it Should be This…”