Art and Craft Activities: Going Offline with Your Child’s Favourite Characters

If you want to foster your creativity, don’t learn to code; learn to paint (Alex Knapp, Forbes): The key to being creative, in any field, be it scientific, technical, or business, in the 21st century definitely requires a certain comfort level in technology. But the best way to harness the power of computers doesn’t reside inContinue reading “Art and Craft Activities: Going Offline with Your Child’s Favourite Characters”

Activity Books: Magic Painting

Now who remembers these? I haven’t seen one of these since I was a child… Aristotle attended a birthday party recently and came home with one of these in his party bag. These “paint with water” books have special pages that turn to colour when you apply water with a brush to them.   TheseContinue reading “Activity Books: Magic Painting”

Art Activities: Abstract Art

After Aristotle’s near breakdown on the need to be right all the time, I decided we needed to unwind with some creative expression. Abstract art painting is a fun and relaxing way to achieve that. You can also join in the fun and create something you might even want to hang on your wall asContinue reading “Art Activities: Abstract Art”

Activities: Art Jamming for Kids and Adults!

There are two fantastic art jamming workshops on this weekend at Seni Gallery @Seni Mont’ Kiara! Saturday 30 March (2-5pm) Join Orkibal (veteran character designer and children’s book illustrator) to create your own character on a 42x60cm canvas with acrylic paints. Cost: RM80 per person (art materials and light refreshments included) Sunday 31 March (2-5pm)Continue reading “Activities: Art Jamming for Kids and Adults!”

Art Benefits and Why Clay Art is Great for Children

I have written about art benefits before, but here are more benefits on why children should get into art: encourages creativity improves connections in the brain in the default mode network helps to develop visualisation and interpretative skills allows children an avenue for self-expression teaches children that there is more than one right answer (multiple points ofContinue reading “Art Benefits and Why Clay Art is Great for Children”

Early Childhood Education: ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy

What is Early Learning Academy? Early Learning Academy is the leading online early education curriculum for parents, preschools and kindergartens in the United States and Canada. They offer more than 2,000 books, games, songs, puzzles, and art activities, each with specific learning objectives in the subjects of reading, mathematics, beginning science, social studies, art andContinue reading “Early Childhood Education: ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy”

Art Activities: Finger Printing Art

Hercules received a Finger Printing Art Book by Faber-Castell for Christmas from my BFF and I recently gave Aristotle and Hercules a chance to give it a go. Although it was Hercules’ present, Aristotle really wanted to do it as well. What is Finger Printing Art? It is an art activity where you use your fingerContinue reading “Art Activities: Finger Printing Art”

Christmas Projects: Make Your Own Christmas Stocking

This Christmas, make your own Christmas stockings! This is probably one of the easiest Christmas projects you can make… What You Will Need: 1 large Felt sheet (in red or green) 1 White felt sheet Red, white and green Embroidery floss Chenille needle (I used size 22) Christmas stocking pattern (cut your own or copy one from the web) double-sidedContinue reading “Christmas Projects: Make Your Own Christmas Stocking”

Art Activities: Painting Fun in the Sun

Every now and then I get these flashes of inspiration and I just have to act on them. Like recently, I hatched a brilliant plan to cover up our balcony so the boys could spend a bit more time out there. The problem with apartment balconies these days are the restrictions applied so that youContinue reading “Art Activities: Painting Fun in the Sun”

Art Activities: Astrosaur Puppets

Some time back, Aristotle started reading a new series of books called “Astrosaurs” written by Steve Cole. Then he noticed from the book that they had an Astrosaurs website so we went to check it out. One of the activities they had under their “fun stuff” tab was an activity to make your own AstrosaurContinue reading “Art Activities: Astrosaur Puppets”