Educational Gifts for Your Holiday Shopping List

I know it seems a little early to be planning your holiday shopping but these days, the early bird really does catch the worm. If you plan early, you can get something really meaningful, and you can also save more since you have time to look out for the really special deals. Magformers Challenger Set – WithContinue reading “Educational Gifts for Your Holiday Shopping List”

Magformers – for Fun, for Creativity, for STEAM Education

It’s a bird! It’s a submarine! No, it’s Magformers!!! This super cool toy promotes fun learning by using geometric shapes to form countless, colorful structures. Kids ages 6 and up can combine triangles, squares, hexagons and pentagons by their magnetic sides to build flowers, stars, cars, spheres, and more! Magformers are not only fun, theyContinue reading “Magformers – for Fun, for Creativity, for STEAM Education”

Pirate Themed Learning for Pirates Day!

Arr me hearties! It’s Pirate Day 19th September! Let’s get into the spirit and celebrate with these easy and creative pirate ideas! If you have a child that loves pirate themes, this will also be perfect for your family any time… Pirate Treasure Hunt Ready for some pirate fun over the weekend? Send your kids onContinue reading “Pirate Themed Learning for Pirates Day!”

Activities: Educational Art Workshops by Alam Kreatif

Semester 2 Workshops from Alam Kreatif are now available for registration! Check them out… About Alam Kreatif Alam Kreatif is a non-profit creative program offering: Introductory courses in arts appreciation Skill and knowledge in visual, literary, performing arts and living skills Enhanced learning on life, ecology, science and humanities through the arts Their goals are toContinue reading “Activities: Educational Art Workshops by Alam Kreatif”

Holiday Workshops from The Studio@KL – April 2015

Complimentary Trial Class! The Studio@KL is offering Complimentary Trial Classes for Young Artists (age 6 to 14 years)! Register here Check the Timetable Read more about it When G1 was little, he attended a few art classes at The Studio@KL. It’s a pity he stopped because it’s actually a pretty cool place. This Easter, ifContinue reading “Holiday Workshops from The Studio@KL – April 2015”

Art and Craft: Jewellery Making

Jewellery making arts and crafts is a great creative activity for both boys and girls, offering several benefits: It is an opportunity for creative expression. It teaches children how to make their own presents. In this day and age of store-bought consumerism, nothing speaks louder than words than the thought and commitment involved in aContinue reading “Art and Craft: Jewellery Making”

Guest Post: Art as an Important Tool for Early Childhood Education

“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance.” – Calvin & Hobbs Art is a vital tool in early childhood education. Our guest post from William Delgado explains why… About William Delgado William Delgado is a good researcher, and for the past several years, concentrated onContinue reading “Guest Post: Art as an Important Tool for Early Childhood Education”