The Truth About the Bilingual Brain

Being able to speak more than one language has always been a great skill to have. But being bilingual can also offer numerous benefits to the brain, making it sharper and healthier. The Brain Benefits of a Bilingual Brain Compared to the monolingual brain, the bilingual brain is better at: paying attention – greater focusContinue reading “The Truth About the Bilingual Brain”

The Accelerated Reader Programme

It’s been a while since I read that article in Education by Numbers that stated: mindlessly reading book after book does not benefit children very much it is comprehension that is the key to learning gains In fact, a voracious reader who understands less than 65% of the content in the books he reads is no betterContinue reading “The Accelerated Reader Programme”

Trip Report: Highlights from Western Australia

Over the Summer Holidays, we took the kids on their second trip to Western Australia. Having spent most of our efforts in the north and around Perth city the first time we visited, we decided to head down south. Day 1: Dunsborough We arrived at Perth International Airport in the late afternoon and made ourContinue reading “Trip Report: Highlights from Western Australia”

Parent Cheat Sheet: Metacognitive Questions

At the end of every enquiry unit, parents are invited to school to observe what our children have done. We are also encouraged to ask the kids questions about their work. This is something I’ve always struggled with because I never know what to ask to make it meaningful. How can you make it meaningful?Continue reading “Parent Cheat Sheet: Metacognitive Questions”

Learner Skills for Kids in the 21st Century

For our children be successful when they get out into the real world, they will need more than a report card with good grades. They will need a number of intangible skills that we often refer to as “soft skills” or “21st century skills”. At our school, we call them “learner skills”. To help usContinue reading “Learner Skills for Kids in the 21st Century”

Summer Holiday Learning Activities to Support Learning and Development

The Summer holidays are approaching and the kids will be off school for nearly two months! We’ve heard a lot about the Summer Learning Loss that occurs when the kids take these long breaks away from school. To guard against these losses, it’s important to include some Summer holiday learning activities to support your child’s learningContinue reading “Summer Holiday Learning Activities to Support Learning and Development”

DIY Bonnet Instructions for Costumes and Dress-Up

This year, our Primary school is putting on the musical “Beauty and the Beast”. Drama and musical theater are terrific extra-curricular activities for child development so I was delighted when G1 joined the production this year. To support his efforts, I volunteered to help “in any way that I can”. In the end, I was assignedContinue reading “DIY Bonnet Instructions for Costumes and Dress-Up”