2019 Children’s Festival at Gardens by the Bay

Check out what’s coming to Singapore in June! Every year, Gardens by the Bay hosts a Children’s Festival. This year, as part of a three-year collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia (Disney), they will be presenting something extra special. Coinciding with the movie release, families will haveContinue reading “2019 Children’s Festival at Gardens by the Bay”

New Space Edu-ventures in KidZania

KidZania Kuala Lumpur has just launched its “Science & Space” variable school-holiday programme and it promises a plethora of fun, engaging, and educational activities. Specially designed to captivate inquisitive, young minds, these interactive activities and experiments are sure to broaden their interest and knowledge of science and space. To officiate the launch of Kidzania’s newestContinue reading “New Space Edu-ventures in KidZania”

Science Week Bake-Off: Earth Globe Cake

It’s science week at school and G1 has entered the bake-off competition. After snagging a prize for his Book Week costume (only 20 people entered because participation in secondary is apparently quite low), he was inspired to try again for Science Week. Baking is not really his forte, but if participation for Science Week isContinue reading “Science Week Bake-Off: Earth Globe Cake”

Sights and Sounds: Adventures at SuperPark!

It’s the school holidays and the challenge to keep the kids active and busy begins again. A friend told us about SuperPark which had just opened in Malaysia. It is an “all in one indoor activity park from Finland” embracing the concept “you are made to move”. I like the sound of it already. Things to doContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: Adventures at SuperPark!”

Competitive Fire – Favourable Odds and Conditions

This is the last post in a series of articles I have written on competition. The first three articles can be found below: Competition – Why Kids Need to Play to Win Being Competitive – Warriors vs Worriers How to Increase Your Child’s Competitive Fire In this article, we will examine several variables that affectContinue reading “Competitive Fire – Favourable Odds and Conditions”