Why We Need to Pay Our Teachers More

When I was approaching the end of my high school years, my Uncle tried to give me some careers counselling advice.  Except that I don’t think it was advice so much as it was more like him telling me what I should do.  So what did he tell me to do?  Become a teacher. Yes,Continue reading “Why We Need to Pay Our Teachers More”

The Critical Ingredient in the Making of a Genius?

You may have noticed by now that there’s been a particular trend in my posts of late revolving around education, or rather, early childhood education. There is a reason for it.  Gavin has turned two in January and based on much of the information I have read on child psychology and the brain development ofContinue reading “The Critical Ingredient in the Making of a Genius?”

QoW: What's Your Edu-Parent Style?

This is an interesting article I received from DreamBox Learning which I wrote about some time back.  Here is the full newsletter.  The article is about educational parenting styles, which is a topic that I have been particularly interested in lately.  At the end of the article, you can take a quiz to identify whatContinue reading “QoW: What's Your Edu-Parent Style?”

Home Schooling – Week 3: What We Learned This Week

Here’s a quick summary of what we did last week… Gavin made sun catchers. Well, okay, I held his hand and guided him while he squeezed the tube of paint.  Here’s one that’s drying. This is one that has just been painted.  When the paint dries, it becomes transparent. The inspiration for this activity firstContinue reading “Home Schooling – Week 3: What We Learned This Week”

Early Childhood Education – What is the Montessori Method?

I decided some time back that I was going to homeschool Aristotle until he was old enough to attend formal classes by way of kindergarten. Nevertheless, in this day and age, a parent is required to start investigating the various options of schools well before a child is ready to attend because the waiting listsContinue reading “Early Childhood Education – What is the Montessori Method?”

Sights and Sounds: The National Science Center

Thursday last week, Gavin and I paid a visit to the National Science Center.  It is located opposite the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club near Hartamas (see map).  The opening hours are Saturday to Thursday 9am-5pm (closed Friday).  Entry is RM6 for adults and RM3 for children.  For children under 6 years old, admission is free.Continue reading “Sights and Sounds: The National Science Center”

Thomas Fans, Eat Your Heart Out!

Got the link to this video from my friends ST and SM.  It shows a rather extensive Thomas and Friends Motor Road and Rail train set.  All I can say is that boy is one very lucky kid.  I don’t think we even have a room big enough to house a train set that large. Continue reading “Thomas Fans, Eat Your Heart Out!”

Home Schooling – Week Two in Review

Since we’re into the early days of my homeschooling experience with Gavin, I thought I should keep up the practice of reviewing the activities we did in the previous week so that I may better learn from them and improve upon my “curriculum” for future weeks.  My original plan was to run a timetable withContinue reading “Home Schooling – Week Two in Review”

Sights and Sounds: Immunoland at 1Utama

I took Gavin to visit Immunoland at 1Utama yesterday.  I’d heard read about it in the Star events update but was mislead into thinking it was a single day event.  Well, it did seem strange that they would host the event for only one day and choose the middle of the week to do it. Continue reading “Sights and Sounds: Immunoland at 1Utama”

Review: Crayola Mess Free Colour Wonder Finger Paints

While we were down in Singapore, I saw this on sale at Isetan: I’d never seen them before in Malaysia, so I decided to get it for Gavin since he enjoys painting so much and I detest cleaning up.  I confess that I was won over by the “mess free” description.  Plus, it was onContinue reading “Review: Crayola Mess Free Colour Wonder Finger Paints”