LEGO Dots for Girls

When I was a child, LEGO was always very male-oriented. Most of the sets were designed with masculine themes – not that that ever stopped me from playing with them. I thought the boy LEGO sets were cooler than the girls’ ones. I never knew why family members insisted on getting me boring LEGO houses when I could have cool LEGO spaceships!

Fast-forward some 30+ years and it’s pretty amazing to see how far they’ve come. They’ve also taken measures to address the male-female discrepancy featuring strong female characters like these LEGO female scientists:

Recently, LEGO Malaysia launched LEGO DOTS, a new series of LEGO sets designed to inspire girls to unleash their inner creativity.

LEGO® Malaysia Introduces LEGO® DOTS


Expanding into the fascinating world of arts and crafts, LEGO’s new line of play patterns is DIY themed. They’re designed to encourage girls from 6 years and up to unleash their creativity by decorating their own accessories and making self-designed décor items. As part of their new #DotYourWorld Campaign, LEGO® Malaysia envisions this new range to be a tool for empowering young girls to express themselves, dotting the world from their point-of-view.

LEGO® DOTS incorporates 1×1 tiles – square, round, quarter-circle and new gem tiles – with bright colors and expressive prints that include emojis, rainbows, glitter, animals, space, music and more. The new collection consists of bracelets, picture holders, a jewellery stand, a pencil pot and the first in a series of ‘Extra Dots’ emoji booster packs. Its tile-based play concept provides young girls with a creative canvas for self-expression and creativity.

Being based on the LEGO® System in Play, there are limitless ways children can DOT their world, taking all elements apart and redesigning it again to help build their creative flair and confidence. We’re extremely excited to introduce LEGO® DOTS as a new arts and crafts building concept giving children a creative canvas for social, self-expressive play with endless, ever-changing patterns, colours and designs.

Rohan Mathur, Marketing Director, LEGO® South East Asia

The Conception of LEGO DOTS

The concept of LEGO DOTS is based on research. An internal quantitative study comprising of 10,800 parents and 7,200 children across the US, China, and Germany, mapped out a total of 21,600 play observations to identify the relevance and concept direction of DOTS. In the study, the kids demonstrated an eagerness to build their creative confidence through more personalised forms of play allowing them to explore freely and express themselves through their own designs.

LEGO DOTS for Boys and Girls

LEGO DOTS sets may have been designed with girls in mind, but I do feel that some boys may want to get on board with these sets, too. Jewellery making these days is no longer an activity reserved for girls. Boys, too, can express their own creative uniqueness with these sets.

In addition to building creative expression, working with the smaller LEGO DOTS pieces will also beneficial for encouraging the development of fine motor skills and manual dexterity. With kids these days being more technology-driven, such skills have been taking a beating.

LEGO DOTS is a creative activity that is also a form of art therapy. Given the stressful nature of life in the 21st Century, any activity that can provide an additional outlet for stress is a good thing for our children.


The LEGO® DOTS range consists of a number of bracelets, an assortment of room deco items and a refill tiles pack. There are five bracelet sets being released during this first wave of LEGO® DOTS; the Rainbow Bracelet (41900), the Funky Animals Bracelet (41901), the Sparkly Unicorn Bracelet (41902), the Cosmic Wonder Bracelet (41903), and the Love Birds Bracelet (41912).


Made to be a quick, easy, and intuitive, these DIY sets offers girls the chance to create their own jewellery. The adjustable band and 32 colorful tiles, including different unique tiles depending on the particular bracelet, means they’re easily adapted to suit any outfit or mood.

Kids will also love decorating and displaying the Rainbow Jewellery Stand (41905). It is a creative and functional jewellery stand that features five hooks and a tray. They can hang jewellery or any of the LEGO® DOTS wearables and keep accessories or additional tiles not in use.

LEGO DOTS picture holder

Kids can also express their unique creative expressions through the funky Animal Picture Holders (41904). Designed to be easily assembled and customizable, this set features three lids and picture holders. With a range of colorful tiles, kids can create any animal face or design they like.


With the Pineapple Pencil Holder (41906) set, kids can construct their own pencil holder and stationery box and decorate them to suit their mood or room decor. This stationery set features a pencil holder with lid and a stationery box with lid.


To provide additional creative complexity to their designs, kids can use the Extra Dots – series 1 pack (41908) that consists of extra tiles compatible with the entire LEGO® DOTS line. With 109 colourful tiles, including 20 translucent blue glitter tiles and 10 special printed tiles, there are many ways that children can express themselves with these LEGO DOTS sets.

The brand-new LEGO® DOTS range were launched on 1st March 2020 and are available at all LEGO® Certified Stores, LEGOLAND, Toys “R” Us and other participating outlets.

Visit LEGO® DOTS site or LEGO® Malaysia Facebook for more information on the LEGO® DOTS range of products, as well as their latest offerings and promotions.


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