Magformers – for Fun, for Creativity, for STEAM Education

It’s a bird! It’s a submarine! No, it’s Magformers!!! This super cool toy promotes fun learning by using geometric shapes to form countless, colorful structures. Kids ages 6 and up can combine triangles, squares, hexagons and pentagons by their magnetic sides to build flowers, stars, cars, spheres, and more!

Magformers are not only fun, they are also educational…

Sensorimotor Stage (Birth to Age 3).

80% of brain development occurs in the first three years and it is encouraged through sensory stimulation activities and movement of the fingers.

  • Stimulating visual sense with various colors and shapes.
  • Stimulating auditory sense through the crisp sound of attaching / detaching.
  • Increasing recognition skills of colors and shapes.
  • Building hand-eye coordination by attaching / detaching Magformers.
  • Developing gross motor skills and find motor skills by moving arms, hands and figures.

Exploration Stage (Age 3 to 5)

  • Increasing manipulating skills of fingers.
  • Enhancing divergent thinking, imagination, creativity through spontaneous play.
  • Developing formative arts skills and understanding symmetry, construction, side and line.

Independent Behavioural Stages (Age 5 to 7)

  • Understanding basic mathematics concepts such as portion and whole, correspondence, and patterns.
  • Comparison of the shape and size, location and direction of top and bottom/right and left to understand the concept of semiotic relationships and spatial awareness.
  • Enhancing creativity, problem-solving skills, independence and confidence.
  • Developing language skills.

Concrete Thinking Stage (Age 7 to 12)

  • Building observational skills and analytic thinking to create various objects.
  • Developing spatial perception by creating buildings and structures.
  • Developing logical thinking and reasoning.
  • Building creative problem – solving skills to make complicated structures.
  • Combining mathematical concepts and science principles to make magnetic constructions.

Magformers add the “A” into STEM education by injecting artistic creativity…

Magformers is Award Winning

  • The ‘2015 Family Choice Awards’!
  • The top ‘Platinum’ and ‘Gold Seal’ awards from “Oppenheim Toy Portfolio” in 2012 and 2013.
  • The ‘Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award’ in 2014.

Magformers Lighted Set

All the same great benefits of basic MAGFORMERS enhanced with LED light.

Magformers Super Brain Set 220 Pieces

This set contains the most diverse shapes and accessories combined in one with new shapes such as the arch, sector, super rectangle, and mini rectangle! 220 pieces total: 39 triangles, 35 squares, 2 pentagons, 4 rectangles, 2 hexagons, 10 isosceles triangles, 4 super triangles, 6 super squares, 4 diamonds, 4 trapezoids, 4 mini rectangles, 8 sectors, 1 super rectangle, 8 arches, 1 figure, 88 accessories.

Magnets in Motion 20 Piece Accessory Set


Magformer Gear Accessory set adds motion to any Magformers set. Easy to use, endless fun. MAGFORMERS construction sets foster brain development through fun and educational exploration. Encourage children to engage in Mathematical and Scientific Thinking, Deductive Reasoning and Spatial Awareness!

Magformers RC Cruiser Set


On your mark, get set, go! Create and construct the ultimate drag racer. Clip remote control wheels into your designs and watch them race away. Use 10 magnetic shapes to create a roadster, truck, car and more!

Each geometric shape contains magnets that never reject, so you’ll always hear the Magformers click. When playtime is over, use the magnetic power to simply stack and store the pieces.


  • 10 geometric shapes
  • RC wheels and accessories
  • Step-by-step idea booklet
  • Compatible with all Magformers shapes and accessories
  • Neodymium rare-earth magnets for guaranteed connectivity
  • Age 3 and Up

Magformers Hi-Tech Walking Robot Set

Click, connect, create! Kids will love following along with the step-by-step idea booklet to discover the possibilities of the Magformers 45Pc Walking Robot Set.

Build 8 walking characters using our STEAM engine block and walking accessories.


  • 7 geometric shapes
  • 8 Robot Accessories
  • Step-by-step idea booklet
  • Compatible with all Magformers shapes and accessories. (excluding XL Cruiser Shapes)
  • Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets for guaranteed connectivity.
  • BPA Free HQABS Plastic.

Magformers Magnets in Motion 300 Piece Power Set

If you’re looking for the set that has it all, this is it… It’s got gears, lights, RC parts, and movable bits.

Magnets in Motion 300 Piece Power Set takes hundreds of High-Performance magnets and pairs them with unique and exciting accessories that can’t be found in any other set. Take your building design to the highest level with Intelligent magnetic design.

Magformers Magnets in Motion Power Set contains 21 Neodymium magnetic shapes in a variety of sizes and rainbow colors. It is unique from other MAGFORMERS Magnets in Motion products as it includes LED lights, sound accessories, Figures, Wheels, 40 Cards, Gears, Hand cranks, propellers, spinners and much more!

  • Biggest magnets in motion set with lots of gears
  • Includes pieces from carnival, light and wheel accessories


Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of (a website on parenting, education, child development) and (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

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