Online Educational Resources: Busy Things

G2 discovered this program at school and he’s been nuts about it so I thought we would share it…

Busy things

About Busy Things

Busy Things is an award-winning series of educational games for children age 3 to 9 years old and children with special education needs. Boasting over 400 games available online, Busy Things is available for use by schools or in the home. Busy Things also offers its games through apps and on CD-ROM.

Including 160+ games, 130+ topic-based projects, 40+ quickfire mini-games and 70+ printable activity worksheets, Busy Things promises that children will have so much fun playing, they won’t even realise they’re learning. They have worked closely with both teachers and young children to make sure their games are popular and that they can be configured to suit different ability levels. Curriculum links from the Early Years Foundation Stage, Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics, National Curriculum Key Stage 1 and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence can also be referenced.

Busy Things 6

What does it cover?

Through Busy Things, children can:

  • create music and art
  • play phonics games
  • learn letters and their sounds
  • draw letter shapes
  • create labels and captions
  • watch and listen to traditional tales

Busy Things 4

For Math, children can:

  • play calculating games, number games, shape games, maze games, and puzzles.

Busy Things 7

Older children can also practice reading and spelling in the more advanced literacy games. also has a selection of games to help young minds explore and question the world around them. Investigate similarities and differences, cause and effect, care for ‘living’ things, and above all learn through having fun!

Busy Things 2

Busy Things Apps

Busy Things Apps are available on iOS and Android:

About Q&D is developed and delivered by Q&D, a multimedia company based in Derby. As early years specialists, their software has been purchased by thousands of schools and nurseries to help children through the transition to Key Stage 1.

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