Top App Recommendations for Android-Owning Children

If you have an android and you’re looking for some fun, educational apps for your child, this guest post from Daniel Lewis recommends 6 apps for children with androids.

About Daniel Lewis

The article is contributed by a lifelong gamer Daniel Lewis. He has written several articles on gaming and technology. At his free time he enjoys playing craziest games and his favourite site to play games is Train Games 365.

Top App Recommendations for Android-Owning Children

An android-running device can be the perfect digital platform for a kid – the devices are easy to use, and there are a lot of games and apps to choose from. Be that as it may, it is exactly the large number of games and apps to choose from that can prove to be problematic, as it can be quite difficult to find the ones that are actually worth installing. If you don’t have the time and patience to go with the trial and error method, here are six apps that are totally worth trying.

Mickey’s Paint and Play!

If there are two things that apply to pretty much any kid in this world is that they all love to draw and they all love Disney, so why not combine these two passions? Mickey’s Paint and Play! Does exactly that, allowing your kid to practice his artistic skills on various scenes from Disney. Just in case you’re wondering what’s the upside of doing this in an app instead of the classical pencil and paper approach, the answer is simple: because the pencil and paper approach is not animated; in the app, once the kid finishes drawing, the characters come to life, and start moving around, exploring the newly decorated scenery. Your kids will love it!

Toca Builders

Redecorating doesn’t have to stop at drawing and painting, as proven by Toca Builders. The app is pretty much a scaled-down version of the popular retro-style game known as Minecraft, and it gives the kids the opportunity to build various things in a fun and interactive way. There are six characters to play with, each with their own special abilities, and a whole lot of building materials and options to work with, so imagination is the only actual limit as to what can be built.

PBS Parents Play & Learn HD

PBS Parents Play & Learn HD is aimed at toddlers that are still getting familiar with the basics of their surrounding world. The game is meant to introduce them to various common places and actions, teaching them about simple things such as shapes and colors. PBS Parents Play & Learn HD is meant to be played along with a parent, as the game comes with useful information for the parents that will help them better understand how their toddlers’ curiosity works, and how they can stimulate it.

Magic Piano by Smule

Looking for a way to determine if there’s a little artist within your child, waiting to be discovered? Or maybe you just want to do some finger-stretching yourself. Either way, Magic Piano by Smule might be the perfect app to get things going. As you can easily guess by the name, the app is a piano simulator packed with a lot of interesting features. It’s not all just chaotic playing – deliver a great performance and you’ll level up, unlocking more songs. There’s even social media integration, so you can share your, or your kids’, achievements online.

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a cute game that will have your kids giggle, and also teach them physics without them even knowing it. The game is very colorful, the main character – the Om Nom cookie monster is simply adorable and the overall gameplay is entertaining and addictive; simply put, it doesn’t get better than this. What makes the game awesome is that it has very realistic physics, being one of the easiest and most fun ways for your kids to learn about gravity.

Famigo: Kids’ Educational App

Famigo: Kids’ Educational App is a great way to make sure you’re in control over the games and apps your kids have access to. The app creates a controlled environment for the kids, keeping them away from distracting ads, or limiting access to features that are unsuitable for youngsters such as social media integration or in-app purchases. Famigo: Kids’ Educational Appis subscription-based, but with the subscription you also get access to the app’s own games database, which is update regularly, as well as to an online TV platform full of child-friendly shows. The app is a one-stop-solution if you want to make sure your kids always have new games to play, without you having to waste time scouting for them and then making sure they’re safe for your kids or not.

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