Simple Science Activity: Dry Ice Smoke Rings and Bubbles

Continuing on from our previous dry ice experiments – this is what you get when your sons have a geeky aunt…

Read this! Dry ice safety information:

  • direct skin contact with dry ice causes the same damage as a heat burn – always use protective gloves when handling dry ice
  • keep the room well ventilated because carbon dioxide from dry ice displaces oxygen and can lead to a suffocation hazard
  • do not store dry ice in an air tight container because the pressure from the carbon dioxide gas can cause the container to explode
  • do not store dry ice in your freezer because the extremely cold temperature will cause the thermostat to shut off the freezer

Dry Ice Smoke Rings

Here’s what you need:

  • 2 plastic cups with a hole cut out in the bottom (as shown)
  • some dry ice
  • two rubber bands
  • a roll of plastic wrap (like the kind you use to wrap left over food)
  • warm water


What you do:

  • put a piece of dry ice into the cup
  • cover the open end with some clear wrap
  • hold the clear wrap in place with the rubber band
  • turn the cup upside-down
  • add water into the hole that has been cut-out

Tap the end with the clear wrap and make smoke rings…

We got this from Sick Science! Watch the video:

Dry Ice Bubble

What you will need:

  • dry ice
  • a cup or bowl
  • warm water
  • wet cloth
  • dish washing detergent

What you do:

  • put a piece of dry ice into the cup
  • add some water
  • add detergent to the cloth
  • run the cloth over the lip of the cup so it forms a soap bubble
  • watch the carbon dioxide gas push against the soap bubble to form a “crystal ball”

We got this one from the Crazy Russian Hacker. Watch the video:


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