So You Want to Learn High Valyrian…

Geek Alert!

Recently, Little PIM – the program that teaches young children a foreign language even when their parents can’t speak it – ran a little gag with their April Fool’s promotion

High Valarian

I confess that I was completely duped and I clicked the link eager to learn High Valyrian myself. Turns out that there is no such program to teach you how to speak High Valyrian – at least not from Little PIM – but it did get me thinking…

We know that learning a foreign language offers numerous benefits. Does that mean that if you learn a made up language like High Valyrian, would those benefits also apply? These days, there are quite a number of made up languages around complete with their own dictionaries. Although they were created for the books and movies that they are linked to (Dothraki and Valyrian from Game of Thrones was created specifically by a language expert David Peterson of the Language Creation Society), some of them have grown beyond the fictional tales they are associated with. They are so detailed that they rival legimate languages.

Check these out:

Now there’s a thought…

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