Right Brain Practice – ESP Games

What is ESP?

ESP is one of the right brain abilities. Makoto Shichida says that ESP forms the Right Brain’s 5 senses similarly to how the left brain senses are sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell. Through right brain education and the development of the right brain, a child will develop their ESP senses.

ESP is probably the most controversial aspect of right brain education, therefore I urge you to read what Makoto Shichida, Ruiko Henmi, and Right Brain Kids (Wennie Sun and Pamela Hickein) have to say about it:

You can also read more about ESP from the perspective of a physicist who has been studying this phenomena for several decades in The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities:

ESP Reality

ESP Activities and Games

There are several ESP games you can practice with your child during home practice:

And here are a few more ESP Games to add to the list:

  • Which hand is it in? Hide an object in one hand and ask your child to guess which hand is holding it.
  • What colour is it? Pick a selection of the same objects of different colours (e.g. pompoms) and hide one. Show your child the variety of pompom colours and ask her which colour you are holding in your hand.
  • Pick out the colour – put some coloured pompoms into a bag and ask your child to pick out a certain colour.

How to play ESP games

Engage your child’s right brain senses by asking him to touch the card or your hand and “feel” what it might be. For example, if he’s searching for a colour, ask him to feel the warmth or coolness of the colour. Another example might be: if he’s looking for a food item, ask him to “smell” the food from the card.

Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of Figur8.net (a website on parenting, education, child development) and RightBrainChild.com (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

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