Working Memory Trainer: Pizza Master App

This is an interesting app we stumbled upon that is a really fun way to train your brain – particularly your working memory which we know is one of the qualities that successful individuals possess.

Pizza Master by Ma Chi

Aim of the Game

You are running a take-away pizza joint. Each day (equivalent to one level), you will be required to reach a target goal – make $x of profit from selling pizzas. If you miss your target goal, you will be fired and you will lose the game. As your customers come in, they will have 5 hearts and one pizza request. You have to make the pizza that they order before they run out of hearts. The longer you take, the more hearts will disappear and the less you will be paid for each pizza (and the more pizzas you have to sell to meet your target goal for the day). If a customer waits too long, all the hearts will disappear and the customer will leave.

The Challenge

At the start of each level, you are shown the pizza cookbook and the ingredients required to make each pizza. The harder the level, the more recipes you will have in your cookbook and the more complicated the recipes will become. To add to the challenge, your pizzas have Italian names that all start to sound the same after a while.

As you make your pizzas, you will also run out of ingredients so you will need to order more as you go along.

When you first begin, you will only have one pizza box to fill at a time and one pizza oven to operate. In the later levels, you need to make upgrades to your kitchen so you can make more pizzas at the one time.

Training Your Brain

This game is a fun way to train working memory because you have to recall the pizza recipes associated with their tricky Italian names and make them for your customers within the time limit.

Pizza Master is available at the iTunes store for free.


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