How to Introduce New Books to Your Child

When I was in school, our librarian used to bring our attention to a series of books by spending some time to introduce them to us. These were usually good books that were neglected because we did not give them a chance to enter our lives. She would then read one of the books from the series and that would be enough to get us scrambling for those books.

Sometimes children just need a bit of encouragement to give a new book a chance. If you can just read a bit of the book to your child, that may be all you need to get your child hooked because if the book is interesting enough, it will do the rest of the work for you. That was how it was with Aristotle and Enid Blyton‘s Wishing Chair Series. And for Hercules, being the adoring younger brother who wanted to emulate his older brother, as long as Aristotle was reading it, he would want to listen to the stories, too.

Part of the trick, however, is getting their agreement to listen to a book of your choice rather than one of their choosing. If you force the book upon them, it won’t work either. What I’ve discovered is that bedtime is the perfect time to introduce a new book to my boys because they’ll do anything to delay going to bed just a little longer – including listening to a book they aren’t really sure about. So my rule is: “if you want a bedtime story, Mummy gets to choose the book”.

And it works. Well, most of the time. Hercules recently asked me for the “Eleven O’Clock Book” for a bedtime story.

Encouraging Early Literacy

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