Children’s Books by Graeme Base

When I was a child, I really loved two books by Australia Author and Illustrator Graeme Base:



Animalia is picture book which devotes a page to each letter of the alphabet where you will find beautiful illustrations with “things” beginning with the letter featured (except for the page featuring the letter X). There is also a little boy hidden on each page that you will have to find. Below is the page devoted to the letter K:

Animalia K

If you examine the picture carefully, you will notice a lot of items beginning with the letter “K”, like kettle, knight, keys, and Kit Kat – just to name a few. Your challenge is to see how many items you can find beginning with the featured letter. And below is the letter “R”:

Animalia R

It is an interesting read and will be sure to introduce new words to your child. Try wrapping your tongue around this one: “Ingenious iguanas improvising an intricate impromptu on impossibly impractical instruments”. Or this one: “Horrible hairy hogs hurrying homeward on heavily harnessed horses”.

Animalia is now available as an app for $3.99. The app was created to mark the 25th Anniversary of the book. It features every illustration of the classic picture book. Each page offers zoomable detail and three separate games:

  1. Explore Animalia – find over 150 items scattered through the artwork – learn their names and hear what they sound like.
  2. Go Get Graeme – find the boy on every page. Play against the clock on three levels – easy, medium or hard. Once you find him, he pops up, waves and heads off to hide again. But next time you look he will be hiding somewhere else!
WHAT IN THE WORLD…? – figure out what the mystery shape is, then find it in the artwork for maximum points. Complete all 26 pages to reveal the secret sequence of letters and claim your reward.

Other games and activities:

  • Butterfly builder – work out the mystery word to bring the butterfly to life, then head off after it to find the correct object in the pages of the book.
  • 25th Anniversary game – celebrate the 25th anniversary of Animalia by finding the special butterfly star icon on every page!

Features include:

  • Interactive animal-sound board
  • High resolution, zoomable illustrations
  • Fun, responsive sounds for every interaction
  • Animated reward download (settable as wallpaper)

The Eleventh Hour

Eleventh Hour

The Eleventh Hour tells the tale of Horace the Elephant who is having a birthday party. He invites all his animal friends to come for a day of feasting, fun and games, except that when we get to the feast at the end, we discover that it’s all been eaten! Your task is to figure out who did it. The pages throughout the book give you clues. Can you unravel the mystery?

When we were in Brisbane, I bought the boys the Collector’s Set that contained Animalia, The Eleventh Hour and two other books I had not seen before:

Graeme Base offers a really lovely collection of books that I would keep on our bookshelf for years to come. Even now I still enjoy them. If you liked these, you should also check out the other books in Graeme’s Collection. If you liked the Animalia App, Graeme has another app based on his book “The Waterhole“. Check out “The Waterhole” App – $2.99.

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