Apps: British Council Phonics Stories

Some of the best educational apps are the ones by organisations supporting education, like the British Council. They’ve got an app called British Council Phonics Stories which teaches children how to speak and spell English words with the help of two aliens – Sam and Pam. It comes with a series of phonics stories using the UK phonics program – Letters and Sounds which is designed to develop your child’s reading and spelling. British Council Phonics Stories will also help your child improve his listening and pronunciation by focussing on a different set of sounds in each story. You can collect all the stories to learn the sounds of English.

BC - Phonics for Kids

British Council Phonics Stories is available for free with “in app purchases” available if you want to buy more stories. Alternatively, you can download the School Edition of LearnEnglish Kids Phonics Stories (for $9.99) which comes with all the stories. The school edition comes with some added features:

  • More emphasis is placed on core activities like learning new words, sounds and spelling through the removal of the “extra-curricular” colouring and messaging features
  • Guide for Teachers

List of Stories:

  • The Dog – s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d
  • The Great Egg Hunt – g, o, c, k, e, u, r
  • The Funfair – ai, oa, igh, ee, or
  • The Camping Adventure – oi, ow, ear, air, ure
  • The Television – sh, ch, th, zh
  • The Zoo – w, x, y, z, qu
  • The Picnic – h, b, f, l, j, v
  • The School Trip – a-e, o-e, i-e, u-e

At the start of each story, you can choose to have narration “on” or “off” depending on whether your child wants to be read to or to read it herself. Each page of the story also contains a fun “lift-the-flap” feature.

BC - Lift the Flap

After each story, you can play games to see how much your child remembers from the story. Your child will be given a series of images and three multiple choice answers to to choose from. The questions are designed to determine how much your child has picked up from the story. Points are earned for each correct answer.

Preview the App.

Get British Council Phonics Stories from iTunes.

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