Music: Educational Songs – Ballads from the Age of Science

Hercules’ loves learning through music. His favourites are Peter Weatherall‘s Human Biology and They Might Be Giant‘s Here Comes Science. I often hear him singing to himself even when the music is off. Recently, we added a new series to our collection: Ballads from the Age of Science. These are really old but the content is great so I thought I’d share it here. The 6 albums and their respective song titles are listed below. I play the music in the background while the boys are busy playing.

Ballads from the Age of Science

Weather Songs

Music Weather1. What Makes the Weather
2. Where is the Stratosphere
3. The Water Cycle Song
4. Why Does the Wind Blow
5. How Clouds are Formed
6. Warm Fronts, Cold Fronts
7. What is Humidity?
8. The Hurricane Song
9. Why is it Hot in the Summer?
10. Highs and Lows
11. What Makes the Lightning?
12. Stratus and Cumulus
13. Snowflake, Snowflake
14. What Does the Glass of a Greenhouse Do?
15. What is Climate?

Nature Songs

Music Nature1. Introduction to Nature Study
2. Why do Leaves Change their Colour?
3. What are the Parts of a Tree?
4. What is an Insect?
5. What is a Mammal?
6. How do the Fish Swim?
7. Song of the Rocks
8. The Birds have a Language
9. How does a Bird Sing?
10. What Does a Bird Have that I Have Not?
11. How is Silk Made?
12. What’s in the Ocean?
13. How do the Seeds of Plants Travel?
14. The Balance of Nature

Experiment Songs

Music Experiments1. It’s a Magnet
2. Vibration
3. We Know the Air is There
4. We’re Making Heat
5. Ice is a Solid
6. Why do I have a Shadow?
7. Rocks and Gems and Minerals
8. The Earth Goes Around the Sun
9. Why is it Raining Raindrops?
10. Where Does the Sun go at Night?
11. What’s Inside Our Earth?
12. Where Does the Sun Rise?
13. How Many Colours are in the Rainbow?
14. Who’s Afraid of Thunder?

Energy and Motion Songs

Music Energy & Motion1. What is Energy?
2. Grand Coulee Dam (How Energy Changes Form)
3. E-lec-tri-city
4. Engines
5. Solar Energy
6. Energy in Roudabout Wavys
7. What is Energy (Part 2)
8. Kinetic and Potential Energy
9. Jets (Action and Reaction)
10. Ultra Violet and Infra Red
11. What is Chemical Energy
12. How do we Measure Energy
13. Motion, Motion Everywhere
14. Thumbnail Sketch of Atomic Energy

Space Songs

Music Space1. Zoom a Little Zoom
2. What is the Milky Way?
3. Constellation Jig
4. Beep Beep (Here Comes the Satellite)
5. Why Does the Sun Shine?
6. What is a Shooting Star?
7. Longitude and Latitude
8. It’s a Scientific Fact
9. Ballad of Sir Isaac Newton
10. Friction
11. Why are Stars of Different Colours
12. Why do Stars Twinkle
13. What is Gravity
14. Planey Minuet
15. Why Go Up There?

More Nature Songs

Music More Nature Songs1. Metamorphosis
2. How Does a Frog Become a Frog?
3. What is an Animal?
4. Bobo the Bear
5. Song of the Fossils
6. How Does a Cow Make Milk?
7. Eohippus
8. The Conservation Song
9. Why is the Sky Blue?
10. What Makes a Rainbow
11. Let’s Wander Thru the Seasons
12. Why Does a Bee Bzzz?
13. What are the Parts of a Flower?
14. The Face of the Earth is Changing

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