Science Resources: Science Kits by Science Wiz

Oh my, oh my! How fun it is to be a child in this generation. I stumbled across another range of interesting science kits by Science Wiz while browsing through Borders. Check them out…

About Science Wiz

The award winning ScienceWiz line started in 1995 when with the release of their first title ScienceWiz Electricity. This cool line of science kits stemmed from Dr. Penny Norman’s volunteer work teaching science in her children’s elementary schools and her ScienceWiz after school and summer programs. The initial development was supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and the Franklin Foundation. Each kit is created with the goal of teaching fundamental scientific concepts to children through hands-on play.

ScienceWiz Inventions

Discover the “why” as well as the “how” common electronic components work through the use of everyday materials. Each project contributes to the understanding of how things work. The book has beautiful step-by-step, highly visual instructions and child appropriate materials, included in this kit, encourage independent learning through play, and lead a child successfully through each invention. Although intended for children 8 years and up, the Inventions kit has been used at MIT to mentor high school students in physics, U.C. Berkeley to mentor women in science, and other institutions including Fermi Lab and the University of Texas at Austin.

Inventions your child can make with this kit:

  • A motor
  • A telegraph
  • A light-flashing generator
  • A radio

ScienceWiz Physics

Learn about the following topics through 24 science activities included in the kit:

  • inertia
  • the laws of motion
  • centripetal force
  • mass
  • weight
  • velocity
  • acceleration

Some of the activities included:

  • Launch bottle rockets
  • Perform tricks with inertia
  • Stay in motion with a low friction air puck
  • Build your own spring meter
  • Munch an apple down to one Newton
  • Spin and circle with centripetal force
  • Build and balance with a balance scale
  • Clock your own speed and measure the acceleration of a car down a ramp
Science Wiz - Physics

ScienceWiz Light

The kit contains 25 light projects you can do with your child right at home, such as:

  • split light into a cascade of rainbows
  • make a kaleidoscope
  • make a microscope and telescope
  • make mold lenses
  • capture a shadow
  • make box a camera
  • diffract with feathers
  • play the I Spy game with mirrors
  • solve a filter puzzle.
Science Wiz - Light

ScienceWiz Electricity

Activities included:

  • Create a circuit loops
  • Make light lights
  • Make buzz buzzers
  • Get spin pinwheels and whiz bangs
  • Send coded messages
  • Play hours of motor mania
Science Wiz - Electricity

ScienceWiz Chemistry

Contains materials and instructions for 35 experiments that explore matter:

  • make candles
  • squirt with water pressure
  • sink and float an egg
  • dye a flower from the inside out
  • squeeze an egg into a bottle
  • capturing a CO2 explosion
  • growing crystals
Science Wiz - Chemistry

ScienceWiz DNA

Experiments included:

  • extract DNA from a fruit
  • probe and spool real DNA
  • build a double helix
  • solve a chromosome puzzle
  • ask is it a boy or a girl?
  • do gene analysis
  • extract your own DNA
  • make forgery proof DNA ink
Science Wiz - DNA

ScienceWiz Energy

Learn all about global warming in this kit:

  • discover what energy is
  • learn how energy is generated today and what choices await us in the future
  • build a solar car and join the race to save the planet!
  • build a solar racer
  • launch a supercapacitor car
  • make an electric car
  • spin a flywheel generator
  • build a battery to light an LED
  • do a kinetic chain reaction
  • store potential energy on your head
  • discover how solar cells work
  • focus the suns energy with lenses

Step-by-step, highly visual instructions lead a child successfully through each of the 22 activities.

Science Wiz - Energy

ScienceWiz Magnetism

Explore magnetism through 22 different experiments that are divided into two stages. Explore which metals stick to magnets, magnetic poles, attract and repel, magnets through materials, and temporary magnets. Your child will draw with iron filings, discover what sticks to magnets, levitate and bounce rings, swim a duck, make a temporary magnet, detect iron, go fishing, and play with magnetic poles.

The more advanced projects in this kit allows children to build an electromagnet and then flip the poles, construct a compass, visualize the lines of magnetic force, explore compass directions, and discover how motors work.

Science Wiz - Magnetism

ScienceWiz Chemistry Plus

In this kit, children will learn about the Alphabet of the Universe (a.k.a. the elements of the Periodic Table) with Real Chemistry Experiments.  They will:

  • Pop hydrogen
  • Search for naked protons
  • Measure the pH of liquids
  • Flame test alkali metals
  • Grow giant crystals
  • Explore noble gases
  • Use an exothermal reaction to form a hand cast
  • Acid test chalk
  • Learn about electrons and protons
  • Split water into rocket fuel
Science Wiz - Chemistry Plus
Recommended age: some kits are from 5 years and up, while the more technical kits are recommended for children age 8 and up. Adult supervision recommended.
At about US$18 a kit, this one is more affordable than the National Geographic Science Kits. There are also more topics covered under ScienceWiz. We bought the Chemistry kit for Aristotle and will be writing about our experiences on Babylicious soon.

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