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What Will My Child Learn With Reading Kingdom?

Here’s an overview of the curriculum at Reading Kingdom…

There are two skills surveys that will assess your child’s knowledge to determine where he or she should begin in the Reading Kingdom curriculum.

Skills Survey Part 1 tests:

Skills Survey Part 2 tests:

  • Reading and Writing Surveys determine which reading/writing level your child begins at.

Reading and Writing Lessons

There are 5 levels in all. Each level contains 6 books, a progress check and a review lesson. By the end of level 5, your child will be able to read, spell and comprehend 950 new words.

See sample lessons:

If your child demonstrates mastery in any session/level, he or she will progress to the next session/level. If areas of weakness are identified, he or she will go through a series of review activities to solidify the knowledge.

About the Lessons

  • All the books have engaging graphics, animations, sound effects and music.
  • Children are taught all the words in a book before beginning a book, so they can always read it successfully.
  • Children can click on any word to hear the word said aloud so they never have to face the frustration of not knowing what a word is “saying.”
  • Every other book is a fill in book that requires the children to select and type words to complete the missing parts, so that they become more active participants in the reading/writing process.
  • Starting with book 13 children are given a comprehension section at the end of each book called Gleaning Meaning. This helps children to capture the “main idea,” a critical aspect of reading.

Length of Time to Complete Reading Kingdom

Assuming your child does 4 to 5 sessions a week (Aristotle easily completes 3 sessions in one sitting so you don’t even have to do it everyday), it takes approximately 6-10 weeks to complete a level in Reading Kingdom. The variation in timing depends on your child’s proficiency in mastering the lessons. The program will also assess your child’s knowledge of the words to be introduced to determine if further work is required. If you child is sufficiently familiar with a word that is scheduled to be introduced, Reading Kingdom will skip it and move on to the next.

Sign up for a Free Trial

Reading Kingdom offers a free trial for a month so you can determine if the program works for your child before committing. Alternatively, you can join the giveaway to win a $60 subscription. Just read our previous review on Reading Kingdom for details on how to enter.

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