Activities: Felt Board and Sticky Board

Since I didn’t want to wreck the paint on our new walls, here’s what I came up with:

It’s basically a large piece of cardboard (purchased from Art Friend in The Gardens, Midvalley for RM19) with sheets of red felt (from Daiso @ RM5 a sheet – I used 3) stuck onto it with double sided tape (available at any stationery shop). The black line is a strip of black velcro (the fuzzy part) – this isn’t necessary but I stuck it on because I did a bad job of joining the felt together and I thought this had a better finish.

Here’s the felt board in use (so you can get an idea for size):

Update: I almost forgot to add… In order to stick your cards to the felt board, you need to attach a strip of velcro (the “hook” part) to the back of the cards. If you’re not sure, in the picture below (borrowed from Wikipedia) shows velcro hooks on the left and velcro loops on the right. You want to use the part on the left.

The easiest is to buy velcro tape with the sticky back so all you have to do is cut the desired length, remove the sticker and attach it to the back of your card. You can also use regular velcro strips and glue but it’s messier and more time consuming. For more convenience, you can get the velcro coins with the sticky back then all you have to do is peel and stick – it doesn’t get easier than that. You don’t need a large piece of velcro for it to stick the felt board. We bought our velcro tape from Art Friend in The Gardens and also from Daiso.

There was another suggestion that if you don’t want your walls to be spoilt by blu-tack, you can also use toothpaste to stick your cards up. So that’s something you can try instead of a felt board. Probably save you a lot more time, too.

On the back of the felt board, I attached those 3M Post-It Bulletin Boards (fits about 4). I use the sticky surface to stick our Smart Toys puzzles, linking memory cards, etc. I’m not sure how long the sticky surface will be good for, but in the meantime, I reckon it’ll be easier than using blu-tack.

Published by Shen-Li

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3 thoughts on “Activities: Felt Board and Sticky Board

  1. hi shen li,
    sorry, what sticks to the felt board? i mean, what did u do to the cards so that they stick to the felt board?


    1. Oops! My bad. I completely forgot about that part… I just stuck velcro (the hook part – see image above that I updated in the post) on the back of the cards. It will catch onto the felt surface, although not as strongly as it would if it was the fuzzy bit of the velcro but it is enough to stay on. It’s also easier to remove from the felt board.


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