Giveaway: Worldwide Montessori Online – Montessori Teacher Training by Karen Tyler

Why a Montessori Program?

I first heard the term Montessori when Aristotle was 2. I didn’t know much about it except that it was supposed to be a “good” program for children. Since then, everything I’ve heard about the Montessori Method has been nothing short of wonderful. What really sold me on it were the positive reports on Montessori programs helping to cultivate creativity. Developing creativity became especially important to me after listening to Ken Robinson talk about how schools were killing our children’s creativity.

In addition to that, the Montessori Method is also an excellent fit with the right brain enrichment classes I’ve been sending the children to. A number of the parents whose children attend these classes often lament that there aren’t any right brain pre-school programs available. In response, Wennie Sun from TweedleWink encouraged us to send our children to Montessori schools because she felt they were aligned with right brain education philosophy. In fact, the more I read about the Montessori Program in our lectures, the more I begin to see the parallels between the Montessori Program and Right Brain Education. A number of concepts are surprisingly similar in mind.

Although I’ve made several vague attempts at implementing Montessori in the home since I first heard about it, and the children play various Montessori Apps on the iPad and iPhone, I confess we have never given it the full attention it deserved. It wasn’t until I heard about Karen Tyler’s Worldwide Montessori Online Teacher Training Program from MieVee at Mummys Reviews and signed up for the course that I truly decided to implement a home Montessori program for the boys (especially Hercules who is just the right age for it).

I joined the December 2011 intake with the intention of starting the program in earnest when our new place was ready and we could make proper arrangements for the setup. We’ll be moving in the next month or so, so I felt the timing was perfect – I could start the course and be ready to begin the program with the boys by the time we were in our new home. The plan is to work with Hercules in the mornings while Aristotle is at school. When Aristotle gets home from school, he can attempt a few of the Montessori activities for older children if he is up for it.

About the Montessori Program

You can read the about the gist of the Montessori program here.

Worldwide Montessori Online Teacher Training Course

Worldwide Montessori Online is a training program for parents and teachers who want to learn more about the Montessori Program and how to implement it in their classes or home. The course focusses on the Pre-Primary years (2-6 years old). The beauty of this course is that it can be taken by anyone anywhere in the world. All that is required is an internet connection. It caters to busy parents and teachers because there is no time limit that the course must be completed and there are no assignments that are due. Students can interact with each other and with Karen to discuss the lectures and ask any questions about the Montessori Program.

Over the course, students will receive:

  • album presentations
  • lectures/papers/themes
  • recordkeeping tools
  • photos
  • support forms
  • and more

The course is very flexible because you can elect to take the standard course which runs over 2 years, or the fast track course that is condensed over 1 year.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion which is not an accredited Montessori certificate, however, many learning institutions have and will accept it. You can enquire at Worldwide Montessori Online ( for more information.

Who is it for?

  • Parents and teachers who want to know more about the Montessori Method.
  • Parents and teachers who want to teach the Montessori Method to their children at home.
  • Teachers who want to incorporate the Montessori Method in their classes.
  • Parents and teachers who can only study at night.
  • Parents and teachers who cannot attend a physical institution due to transportation limitations.
  • Parents and teachers who do not have the time to sit for exams or to complete assignments.

About Karen Tyler

Karen Tyler is an accredited Montessori teacher who graduated from the Montessori Teachers Education Center – SF, Bay Area (MTEC). She has been teaching for over 30 years, including her teaching at Worldwide Montessori Online since 2006. Worldwide Montessori Online has had over 600 students since its conception.

About the Giveaway

The next intake for Worldwide Montessori Online is 1 March 2012. Thanks to Karen Tyler and Worldwide Montessori Online, we have one free Montessori Teacher Training course to give away to one lucky reader.

How to enter:

  1. Subscribe to our newsletter for one entry.
  2. Like us on Facebook for another entry.
  3. Leave us a comment telling us what you have done.
  4. Existing subscribers and Facebook fans automatically qualify (please leave a comment to indicate that you would like to be a part of the lucky draw).

As usual, we will use a random name selector to draw the lucky winner. Entries close 14 February 2012. The winner will be announced one week from today on 15 February 2012.

Alternatively, you can go ahead and sign up for the next intake at Worldwide Montessori Online. To enroll contact Worldwide Montessori Online ( for more information.

Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of (a website on parenting, education, child development) and (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

36 thoughts on “Giveaway: Worldwide Montessori Online – Montessori Teacher Training by Karen Tyler

  1. I’m delighted to learn about this program. My boy used to attend heguru since he was a few month old but has to quit due to doctor’s advice to stop all classroom/group activities. I have since struggled to emulate the heguru lessons at home. He turns two next week, so this course will be excellent for the both of us. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll win this one.


  2. Hi shen li, i am a subscriber n interested in the course. I am trying to implement the Montessori at home for my liltle gal. Would really like to take up the course so that i can implement a proper Montessori program at home. Thanks.


  3. I would like to take part in this giveaway. I am subscribed to the newsletter and “liked” you on facebook. By the way, are these courses conducted at designated times (online streaming) or can one view it any time (on-demand recorded play) as she wishes?


  4. Hi Shen-Li,

    Your website is awesome !!!. I find it very useful and you wont believe most things i read about Aristotle is exactly like my son and it helps me a lot.
    How do you find the course worlwide montessori online course ?. I live in India and interested in taking up this course to teach my son at home ( he will be 3yrs this March end). Do we need to buy the materials from outside or how do we teach them e.g, a binomail cube.


    1. Wow! What a wonderful response to this. Thank you everyone who participated in the giveaway. The winner will be announced soon.

      Now to answer a couple of questions…

      Maheswari – the course is great and I’m loving it. Karen makes recommendations on what materials to get but it’s up to you if you choose to get them or not. The best part about this course is that you can make the materials yourself or use whatever you have available at home. You can pick and choose activities so you are not forced to buy any expensive materials. You can adapt anything you already have at home.

      Shia – there is no homework. Everyone works at their own pace. It’s mostly reading and implementing the program with your children. If you have questions you can ask Karen privately or in an open forum. Other students can contribute to the discussion as well. There are weekly discussion boosters that you are invited to read and talk about if you want to (not compulsory). The level of involvement required from you is completely up to you and your time constraints.


  5. Getting to explore further regarding Montessori Method is a chance of a dream come true ! I have been private tutoring kids as well as students age 7 onwards which have difficulties in reading and writing because they have been neglected during pre-school.

    Different kids/students learn differently but one thing for sure i have incorporate what i know about right and left brain teachings in my lessons. More often than not, its always through images, colours and objects.

    If i have a chance to explore further on Montessori method, i believe it would enable me to guide more kids with learning disabilities.


  6. hi shen li,

    in this program, do you need to do homework? we are encouraged to print out the materials and file them, after that? do we have to read something?


  7. Hi Shen Li,

    I am one of your subscribers and am currently interested to start a program to interact with my son. He is also a very active person and am looking for an avenue which he can expense his energy. Hoping that the montessori program will help me with my goals 🙂

    Thanks for your write up as well as the opportunity for the giveaway.


  8. Hi Shen Li, I’m an existing subscriber and would like to learn more about Montessori program. I have a 3.5 year old and a 1.5 year old.


  9. Hi Shen-Li, I am a current subscriber and am interested in the Montessori Program. I have a 3.5 year old and a 1.5 year old. Please enter me in the draw. Thanks.


  10. Shen Li, I really want to grab this good opportunity. My baby has turned toddler this year, 18months now. I have long opt for Montessori course and last year i had hard time trying to attend in Malaysia due to low attendees, the course could not start.
    I felt very disappointed, then you shared about this online course, is another hope for me.
    I really want to learn and apply more with my son.
    Currently I did some simple practical games with him, let him open different bottle cap/lid and screw them back.
    Play geography map puzzle with flags, play cookie games (where he can take a piece of cookie like paper and insert into a container with an opener that nicely fit the paper size)
    I hope I can play more Montessori games with him when he turn 2 yrs, when he could express himself verbally.


  11. Hi Shen-li,
    enter me in the draw please! A lot of children will be able ot benefit from this if i’m able to go through this course.



  12. Hi Shen Li
    Done all of the above. Do enter me in the lucky draw! I too intend to set up my home Montessori style for my little one and am trying to learn as much about it as possible. Thanks


  13. Hi Shen-Li,
    I’m also an existing subscriber to your newsletter and would like to win this Montessori training course online, so that i can try to have my children expose to this wonderful method. 🙂



  14. hi shen li,

    i’d like to participate in this giveaway.

    ds is 24 mths this month. i started going active in reading up on childhood education related materials when he was about 6 months old. we have done some montessori activities on and off, whenever he is up to it.
    we have done wood puzzles (with knobs), geometric stacking and lego duplo.

    i am now starting the math dot program (printed out yours, thank you for sharing) and lacing. i have bought cutting and folding kumon books as well but I’ve yet to introduce them to him as i think he is not ready yet.

    I’m still a little apprehensive in jug pouring activity. i suppose i should start off with pouring/transfering dry materials first before doing water.

    of course, we do practical life activities as well whenever possible.

    meanwhile, I’m planning to implement color sorting in a few weeks time.

    phonics flashcards and reading are on-going amidst all these.


  15. Hi Shen-Li

    I’m so glad to hear about this giveaway. I plan to home educate my kid using the montessori method and would love to get some professional training for that, and that from the comfort of my home…he is just 18 months at the moment and we do learning by doing using different activities…will be able to do more using this free course…


  16. Me and my husband are looking into homeschooling my little 16 months old girl. My husband suggested the Montessori Method. During my research, I found that I have been kind of using similar method to educate my toddler so far and Montessori method will be the right method for me and my girl. I stumbled upon Karen Tyler montessori distance learning and very excited about it as this is the only few montessori program I can do online.

    Yes. I would love to be part of the lucky draw to win this giveaway so my girl can start to benefit from it.

    Have done #1 & #2 and #3!


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