Left Brain Training: Sudoku iPhone/iPad Apps for Children

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One of the recommended activities from the Sidney Ledson homeschool curriculum is Sudoku. Now it turns out that Aristotle’s sensei in Heguru also recommends that we practice Sudoku puzzles at home to help develop his left brain. So I have been looking for Sudoku puzzle apps on the iPhone and iPad.

To help build Aristotle’s confidence, I thought we would start with the 4×4 grids first. These are some Sudoku apps I found that offer the 4×4 grid (some allow you to work up to the level of the 6×6 and 9×9 grids).

Wee Kids Sudoku

Wee Kids Sudoku is exactly like Sudoku but instead of using numbers, they use pictures of animals. The benefit of using this app is that the animals will appeal to the children.

It is easy and a great confidence booster if you are introducing your child to Sudoku for the first time. In fact, it reminds me of Plan Toys’ Animal Sudoku puzzle. If you don’t want to use the iPhone or iPad to teach your child Sudoku, Plan Toys’ Animal Sudoku puzzle is a good physical alternative.

sudoku puzzle

Sudoku School: Kids’ Sudoku Puzzles for iPhone and iPad – Megafauna Software

Sudoku School offers 4×4 and 6×6 puzzles that come in easy, medium, hard, and expert levels. It attempts to catch the children’s attention by displaying colourful numbers. I haven’t tried this one on the kids yet so I don’t really have any real feedback on it. I suspect Hercules will like it since he enjoys anything with numbers in it. Aristotle, on the other hand, may find it less appealing.

Sudoku Puzzle Packs – Thumb Wizards

In terms of versatility, Sudoku Puzzle Packs has it all:

  • Puzzle Timer (choose to show or hide)
  • 3 Variations of puzzle sizes (4×4, 6×6, 9×9) with different difficulty levels within each
  • Pencil Marks to help you remember different number possibilities
  • Cell Assist feature to help you get through the tough spots
  • Enhance Puzzle Grids
  • Pause, Resume, & Restart puzzles with ease
  • Fastest times tracked for individual players

This app will give you the most mileage out of the three apps reviewed. These are all we have downloaded so far. If you know of a better one, please feel free to share it in the comments.

You can also play Sudoku online here.

If you would like tips and strategies for helping your child with Sudoku, check out this guide.

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Published by Shen-Li

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4 thoughts on “Left Brain Training: Sudoku iPhone/iPad Apps for Children

  1. Hi Shenli,

    Now you write something about suduko.

    I recommend If you know someone using CMA abacus, then ask them to het the copies for you, there they have quite a number of worth-to-have- and-spend-time books particularly on sudoko activities, numbers’ paring activity puzzles and activity books on place value.


  2. Hi Shenli,

    V is doing CMA, and I don’t mind to help purchase the activity books if you really wish to, or else you may keep this information in future bc I observe if the child likes numbers, then these books would become a spice to him/her. I too encourage you to teach your boy abacus apart from other calculating method when they reach 4/5 yo, 🙂 to exercise their brains, to keep them busy. Cheers.


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