Books: How Do Dinosaurs… Series

When Gavin was younger, my friend SM bought him the book “How Do Dinosaurs go to School?

Back then, he was still mad about Thomas and Friends so he didn’t really get into the book. Since his recent obsession with dinosaurs, he’s picked up the book again. Although the reading level is too basic for him now, he’s discovered that this book is a part of a series of books on “How Do Dinosaurs…” after he found the book “How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight” at school. Written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Mark Teague, there are quite a number of titles in the “How do Dinosaurs…” series which are available on Book Depository (which you should check first because they offer free shipping world-wide) and Amazon.

Here is a list of the books I found in this series:

Each book features a series of dinosaurs that are named at the start of the book and throughout the book with small labels. It’s a lovely series that I am sorely tempted to get and would have bought if it weren’t for the fact that the reading is too basic for Gavin now who I feel is ready to move onto the world of novels if I could just get him interested in a book without pictures. I am not inclined to get them for Gareth, either, after seeing what he’s done to his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse books despite my best efforts to teach him to be gentle with books. Now that he is tall enough, he stands on tiptoe to take his brother’s books (which are located on a higher shelf). Thankfully, he hasn’t torn any of the pages from his brother’s books, but the pages are looking a little worse for wear.

If your child is learning to read and likes dinosaurs, I recommend getting this series.

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11 thoughts on “Books: How Do Dinosaurs… Series

  1. Haha – I’d never even seen the English version before. Just thought it came in Chinese. But of course could suspect that it’s one of those translated series too.


  2. Either way, I think it’s a terrific series. Maybe I should go look for the Chinese series – inspire my son to concentrate on his Chinese (which he currently cannot really be bothered with).


  3. I only happen to see it bc I help out in the primary school library. There aren’t all that many books in school library, so easier to browse. Although, I must say, the National Library has a much wider selection, and quite a good range too.


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