Activities: Lego and Construction Models Over Raya

After the woeful neglect that Gavin endured while Gareth was sick, Daddy made it up to him by working with him on two mini projects over the Raya holiday break. It was a pleasant break for us since we weren’t game to fight the traffic in the mass exodus out of the city. Probably a good thing we didn’t plan anything since Gareth is still recovering from Bronchitis (although he is much better).

So this is what Gavin and Daddy got up to…

On the first day, they completed Lego City 3179 Lighting Repair Truck (which we forgot we bought ages ago) while I tended to a cranky Gareth who was starting to get better but refusing to sleep:

And here is the completed project:

On day two, we found a Wood Worx T-Rex Kit for the Daddy and Gavin team to work on together:

This is what you get in the kit which costs RM39.90 at Borders in The Gardens, Midvalley:

  • wooden parts to be assembled with glue
  • paints
  • a brush
  • stickers
  • set of instructions

Gavin’s completed T-Rex which he decided to use his own artistic license on with the colours. Daddy helped him with the head and I touched up the body and painted the green stripes on the tail – the rest of it was Gavin (oh yeah, we forgot to paint the stand):

I’ll wager my bottom dollar that they didn’t use the crappy brush they gave us in the box to paint the model they have on display on the cover of the box…

Next up, the Eiffel Tower by InnoNex:

We bought it at Toys ‘R’ Us in Bangsar Village 1 for RM44.95. Here’s what you get in the kit:

  • plastic parts to be assembled
  • paints
  • brush
  • LED and base stand (batteries not included)

I thought it would be a fun way to introduce Gavin to electrical circuits – not to mention that Gareth will enjoy the light-show effect.

Gavin is at a fun age to work with – old enough to work constructively on projects like these, but still young enough to need/want our help.

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