Flash Cards: Types of Rocks

Gavin’s latest interest is the Magic School Bus series. The last time he’s been this obsessed with anything was Thomas and Friends. I suppose if he was going to get obsessed about anything, I should be glad it is the Magic School Bus which is educational in nature. Last night, we read The Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth and he enjoyed it so much, I was inspired to make a series of flash cards on types of rocks for his Right Brain Speed Play.

The flash cards were created on Open Office which is a freeware program (all my earlier flash cards were made on Microsoft Powerpoint). If you don’t have Microsoft Office and don’t want to buy it, this is a terrific free alternative that you can use. All Microsoft Office files can be opened in Open Office. Unfortunately, I don’t know if it converts back the other way because we’re not using Powerpoint any more. Just in case you run into trouble, try changing the file extention from “.odp” to “.ppt”. Let me know if that doesn’t work and we’ll see if we can figure something else out.

For more information on rocks, you can visit Geology.com – which is where I sourced most of my rock pictures from. You can also read The Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth, or listen to Peter Weatherall’s Rock Song:


Download the flash cards:

Update: Turns out that Open Office doesn’t convert back to Powerpoint easily. I have fixed the file so it now opens in MS Powerpoint. Here’s the new download:

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SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of Figur8.net (a website on parenting, education, child development) and RightBrainChild.com (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

3 thoughts on “Flash Cards: Types of Rocks

  1. Hi Shen-Li,

    I downloaded the flash card for Types of Rocks and change the file to ppt but is still unable to open it as it require a converter.

    Do u know where i can download the converter or the open office you are using?



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