Cool Educational Toys

I was at Popular bookstore in Ikano looking for The Magic School Bus books for Gavin when I happened to stumble across a very cool educational toy shop. It was one of those stand alone stalls in the row outside the bookstore.

What caught my eye initially was their toy microscope. I have been quite keen to get Gavin one of those because he’s been asking me about white blood cells and antibodies after listening to “The Blood Mobile” song from They Might be Giants‘ “Here Comes Science” album. I was explaining to him that blood cells and bacteria are too small to see with our eyes and that we would need a microscrope to see them. The toy microscope was great because it functioned exactly like a real microscope and only cost about RM75.

There were so many things at that shop that I wanted to get. They had human anatomy kits that were correct anatomical replicas for the human body. They had the torso, heart, skeleton with skull (you can see all the sutures and individual bones), and jaw (with removable teeth!). They had science experiment kits using marbles, bubbles, crystals, etc. Some were for older kids, but I felt that Gavin could do the ones recommended from age 5+.

In the end, I made a compromise and told Gavin he could only pick one toy. He ended up with Ein-O‘s model skeleton. Gavin has been displaying a keen interest in human biology and asking me to play Peter Weatherall’s Human Biology CD for him. Now that he’s got the model skeleton, he’s been asking me to teach him about the bones in the body.

If you’re local, you really should check out that store in Ikano. They are called BeyondKid. If you live overseas, you can purchase their products online (they offer international shipping). Singaporeans can also find some of their products available at Play ‘N’ Learn. Play and Learn are also on Facebook.

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