BrillKids Little Reader Deluxe Coupon – 25% Off!

This is the last of my coupon giveaways and it is for 25% off BrillKids Little Reader Deluxe package.

What does Little Reader Deluxe package offer?

  • Little Reader Software
  • A ready-made Reading Curriculum – 6 or 12 months’ worth of lessons
  • 2 BrillKids Presentation Binders
  • 40 Customizable Flap cards
  • 160 sheets of word and picture prints: Content Printouts for 8 core categories
  • 5 Little Reader Storybooks
  • 2 Weekly Lesson Planners, one for each semester
  • 10 sheets of Sticker Labels for playing the labeling game
  • Everything You Need to Know About Teaching Your Baby to Read booklet (downloadable)
  • Teaching with Little Reader booklet (downloadable)
  • 8,000 BrillKids Loyalty Points

Little Reader Deluxe normally retails at $360, but currently, there is a 30% off promotion so you can get it for $250. The coupon I have allows you to deduct a further 25% off, so you pay only $187.50 for the entire package (plus shipping).

For an evaluation of Little Reader, please read my post on How to Teach Your Baby to Read.

To be in the running for this coupon, just leave a comment on this post and I will announce the winner on Wednesday 13 April. Good luck!

Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of (a website on parenting, education, child development) and (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

10 thoughts on “BrillKids Little Reader Deluxe Coupon – 25% Off!

  1. Hi Shen Li,

    From your previous post, I am taken to understand that you were considering IB schools for your kids.

    I just got back from visiting Sri Cempaka Damansara Heights campus. The school would be fully introducing the International stream at their Damansara campus effective next year( Currently, only the Cheras campus provides for Internation stream with the damansara campus providing international steam from Year 6 onwards).

    The administrator, Mrs.Tan also mentioned that the school would be adopting the IB concept in the next few years. I.e. the students would be sitting for their GCSE at year 10 and at year 11 will be doing the IB program or at least that s what I understand. I am not fluent on the IB matters so hope the above makes sense haha……you can always contact them directly for further clarification……

    I must say the school did leave a very good impression…..nothing fancy though on the infrastructure side as it is an old campus……..hope this helps……..


    1. Thank you Vasantha. Something for us to consider then. I have been very impressed by the IB concept, but concered whether it would be implemented well in the schools here. I have heard good things about Sri Cempaka, so maybe this is one more reason to look further into it.


  2. Hi ShenLi

    For the past two years i’ve been witness to the success of Right Brain Education and all the wonderful resources that are available to make this learning possible. My sister-in-law (Sarah) has been an avid RB follower for the past two and a bit years and it has been an awesome journey for her and her little girl (who is now two years old and talking and reading with such excitement). I have subscribed to all the newsletters, read all the blogs etc in the hope that one day I too can be a part of the RB family when I have children of my own.

    The next best part of this story is that i’ve just found out that i’m pregnant, a three year struggle but finally with success. I am so excited I could literally burst with tears of joy. Now it’s time for me to get prepared to teach my little darling the joys of learning. How lucky we are to be living in this era where technology has helped many mom’s and dad’s not only share their experiences as parents, but share learning information too.
    How blessed we are are parents to have all these resources at our fingertips!


    1. Hi Bronwyn – congratulations! That’s terrific news indeed. I hope all goes well and smoothly for your pregnancy and delivery. Yes, we are indeed very lucky to be living in the age of technology. Information is in such abundance and so easily accessible if you know how to look for it. I, too, was inspired to learn more about Right Brain Education. In the recent years, I have noticed that there is more and more information on it appearing on the net and it’s becoming a lot easier to learn more about Right Brain Education.


  3. Hi Shen Li,

    First of all i would like to thank you for writing this blog. I have a 9 month old and just getting started on right brain education. I have enrolled my son for tweedlewink and it’s his first class today!! I’m more excited than he is!!

    Your blog has given me so much inspiration. i am working mum and not being able to spend time with my son was causing me massive mommy guilt. Since starting researching and preparing right brain teaching material, at least I know I am playing a part in providing more than financial support and love. I am paving a path for his future. So, thank you..


    1. Hi Jessica,

      I’m glad you find my blog useful. How did your son’s TweedleWink class go? It is a joy to see the children develop. Gareth has been responding very well to his classes and it is a real joy to see all the new and wonderful things he’s been picking up.


  4. Hi Shen Li,

    thank you for writing this blog. I’m an italian stay-at-home mum and I don’t Know very well to write in English.
    I have a 2 years old child. I’m trying to learn to teach better to my little boy. I hope it will be easy using BrillKids Little Reader even if it is in English and at first I want to teach him in italian.
    Thank you for your help.


  5. Hi Shen Li,

    Is the 30% promotion for brill kids still going on? Is the Brillkids Little Reader Deluxe same with the 12 volume of DVD?

    Thanks in advance for your advise.



    1. Hi Cecena – yes, the 30% promotion is still going. No Little Reader Deluxe is not the same as the 12 volumes of DVD. That would be TweedleWink which is the right brain development program for children 0-6 years by Right Brain Kids. Little Reader Deluxe is a reading program that helps you teach your children to read.


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