Using Educational Songs to Teach Subjects

When you’re teaching a subject, it is always easier when you use a medium that your student is interested in. For example, Gavin was crazy about Thomas and trains so I used Thomas and all his friends on the Island of Sodor to teach him his ABCs, numbers and colours.

Recently, I’ve noticed that Gareth really likes music. Sure, all children like music, but there’s “like” and there’s “love” and I think Gareth falls into the latter category. In TweedleWink, he’s always anticipating the music part of the lesson and he clearly enjoys that part more than any other part of the lesson because he will rush towards his teacher and sit down obediently in front of her while she takes out the tuning forks.

So I’ve been wondering how to use this to my advantage when I remembered the Hestia music CDs that I bought for Gavin which teaches children about Geography, Science, and History through song. Gavin never really listened to Hestia because he only had ears for Thomas music and Signing Time. While I’ve been playing the CDs for Gareth, I wondered if there were other songs that taught children about various subjects. Well, there’s a lot. This is what I found…

On Learning Games for Kids, they have several Science Songs which are pretty cool. Here are some which were created by a group called They Might Be Giants (who also wrote the Hot Dog song and Theme Song for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse):

Meet the Elements (I love this one!)

How Many Planets

Speed and Velocity

I’m a Paleontologist

Science is Real

If you love these, you’ll be interested to know that they wrote an entire album called “Here Comes Science” which is available on Amazon and iTunes. They Might Be Giants also wrote two other educational music CDs/DVDs titled:

You can also find more educational songs at these sites:

They say that children learn more easily with music and if you’re going to be singing nursery rhymes anyway, why not sing educational songs, too?

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