How to Teach Math Using Doman Red Dot Cards

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How to Teach Math Using Doman’s Red Dot Cards

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Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of (a website on parenting, education, child development) and (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

35 thoughts on “How to Teach Math Using Doman Red Dot Cards

  1. I really like to visit your blog, looking at the effort you put into your both lovely boys. I will continue visit your blog to gain more knowledge on how to teach my children.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing such useful info on this “How to teach Math Using Doman’s”, but there is a part which i don’t understand. If we divided 1-10 to 2 sets, are we going to flash that 2 sets each time or you mean each interval we should flash only 1 set(5 cards)? Please advice. Thank you so much!


  2. Thanks! I’m glad you like it. I figured I spent so much time researching it would be a waste not to share the information…

    This is what Doman says to do:

    Set 1 – 5 word cards
    Set 1 – 5 math cards
    Set 2 – 5 word cards
    Set 2 – 5 math cards
    Set 3 – 5 word cards

    If you follow the Doman program exactly, you would have started with the reading program first. Once that has been established, you would introduce the math program and slip it in with your existing reading program. Then later, you introduce the encyclopedic knowledge program and have all three running concurrently.


  3. If you follow the Doman program exactly, you would have started with the reading program first. Once that has been established, you would introduce the math program and slip it in with your existing reading program. Then later, you introduce the encyclopedic knowledge program and have all three running concurrently.

    >> is it ok to start both english and maths at month3+ concurrently ?
    anyone tried??


  4. Hi cq,

    My set of GD doesnt come with set of general knowledge…I started on my girl when she was 1 month old with all the black and white picture cards…( that was 6 years ago). You may read anything if your child is still in its infancy stage, my sequence was: picture cards together with math dots then reading of language…because she was one month old so I flashed picture cards initially, but if you want your child to have best grasp of math concept then my humble opinion you might need to do dots cards daily before any picture cards, because experience tells me the child’s reading/learning style later very much depends on what she learned before… Also if your child is less than 3 then please read anything to him/her…I speak from my experience and is also my humble opinion.


  5. Great blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download
    it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple adjustements
    would really make my blog shine. Please let me know where you got
    your theme. Cheers


  6. In the book “How To Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge” Doman says we should have both reading and bits of intelligence programme well-grounded before we start math. I didn’t know this book before. In our case math came first. I introduced reading a few months later and encyclopedic knowledge not so long ago.


    1. I missed that bit, too. But I started with the reading program for my older boy and found I was too late for Math. I understand Math has to be done before 3 years. I did both reading and math concurrently for my younger boy.


  7. I have a doubt in doman maths teaching. In 63 day program only dot cards are used to teach.when we have to introduce the numeral cards


  8. Thanks a lot for ur reply. Now I’m having a 7 months baby. I have a confusion regarding Which program I have to start first.?
    Reading ,maths or encyclopedic. Or all
    in simultaneously.
    .If I start with five set 1 cards, how many days I have to show that set to my baby and then introduce new card. Please clarify my doubt.


    1. You can start with reading and maths first. According to Doman, each set of five cards should be shown 3 times a day for 5 days, but many parents have found it too repetitive and children get bored. You can try once a day for 4 days, then repeat the whole cycle again after 6 months.


  9. Hi madam u asked me to show a card once a day for 4 days. But according to doman in his book,he said child should see a card three times a day for a week. Totally fifteen sessions we should show a card, if I show only once a day, whether the information I shown will reach the child.


    1. Hi Amala. Yes. Doman does recommend more exposure but I have found (and other parents concur) that his plan is excessive. The children get bored and they lose interest in the cards when there are too many repeats. The theory is that Doman first started his program for children who were brain-injured so it makes sense that they would need a higher level of repetitions.


  10. Thank you so much for all your sharing. I’m having my 7m old. I have found what you have shared is very helpful. But, I want to ask: 1. Should the dots and the number be on the same card or different ones so that it’s easier to introduce the number later on? 2. Should I introduce the numbers or all the equations first?


    1. No. According to Doman’s program, we start with just the dots first. Numerals come later – after you have completed the dots program (this includes equations using the dot cards). When they’re young, they have the ability to recognise quantities. Unfortunately, this talent is lost when they begin to develop speech.


  11. My LO is 7 m old. He is a preterm at 35 weeks. Even though he achieved most of his milestones.. i have a doubt whether my baby will have less IQ due that .so i started showing picture flash cards alone for some days . But I’m not Satisfied with it . So again I searched a lot in internet and saw many videos and articles regarding doman method and also ur articles in this website.

    Get motivated by that and got suggestions and methodology from u , try to start the program. When teaching my baby many of them in my home including ( hubby and in-laws)are laughing at me and telling how can a baby learn all in this very little age. It will not work out . u r doing foolish thing like that. These words are discouraging me and I’m get to overcome from this.
    Few more questions:
    1) Will my baby able to focus if I start from this month coz I thought it’s bit late .
    2)Is there any proof that showing flash cards will improve the IQ for the baby.
    3)I started with picture flash cards first ,shall I continue the same or replace with words flash cards.
    Or shall I show the picture flash cards and word flash cards separately.
    4)after how many days of reading program, I start maths and enclyopedia


    1. Hi Sathya. At 7 months old, you are definitely not too late. Just bear in mind that children are all different. Each one responds differently. Just have faith that your baby CAN learn to read and keep going. Don’t question and don’t doubt your son because babies can also read your emotions. I have been fortunate to have known other parents who successfully taught their babies to read as well and it helps to know others who support the same decisions as you. I hope that helps a little. I know that family can be the biggest discouraging factor and you have to stay strong.

      Be aware that just because you started showing the cards today, doesn’t mean that your child will show you tomorrow that he can read. Sometimes it may be weeks later, sometimes months. Just keep showing the cards and changing new ones. Every now and then, you can play a game – like show two cards and ask your child, which one says “insert word”? Your child may point, or his eyes may move to the correct card, or he may not respond. If not, don’t worry, just keep going.

      My son used to surprise me – like he would recognise a word on a menu in a restaurant or on a sign while we are out. Similarly, your child will do the same. My second son responded to the games – which word is…

      7 months is a good time to start. Each round of flashcards is very fast, so you can do all three programs together. Although the general recommendation is first maths, then reading, then encyclopedia.

      Will it improve IQ? Well, IQ isn’t everything, but children who start reading earlier are able to access more knowledge than children who cannot read. This increases their exposure to knowledge which does make them smarter.

      For reading, you should start with words first. When you get to new words – ones that your child might not be exposed to, you will need to start showing pictures. For example, your baby might not know what a caravan is so you need the picture of a caravan as well as the word “caravan” so he learns the “caravan” and the picture go together. For words already in your son’s world – for instance, foods he enjoys eating, you do not need the pictures.

      I hope that helps.


  12. Hi mam this is sathya again, i started maths and reading program for my baby .but in the middle of the week he feel sick and got fever. So I can’t continue the program for many days. Now only he is recovering , how can I start the program again. Whether I have to show the previous cards which I stopped or I have to show the new cards as per my schedule


    1. Just resume where you stopped. E.g. if you stopped on Day 2 before your baby got sick, start back on Day 3 when he’s ready to start again. Continue as if there were no interruptions.


  13. Thank you mam. I started reading and maths program currently.
    Reading card 5 set of 5 each and maths dot cards. Set of 2.
    shall I add picture flash cards to this also for encyclopedic knowledge.? Or I have to wait some more time..


  14. Hi mam I’m in the middle of the reading and maths program, due to unexpected situation in my home i can’t show the flash cards for two days. Shall I continue the program as such.? Will it affect my baby’s understanding How can I compensate it. I don’t know what to do.


    1. Sathya, it is the same as when your baby was sick. You just resume when you can. It’s okay to miss a few days. If you go on holiday, etc. Just resume where you left off when you get back to it.


  15. Hi madam in ur above article regarding how to teach math using glen doman dot card u mentioned that there is at least 15 mins between each session. But in Glen doman book he said there will be a half hour (30 mins)interval between the sessions.. which will give good result mam?.
    And also whether the reading and enclyopedia knowledge also follow the fifteen minutes interval or only the maths dot cards alone..
    After finish dot cards how can we teach the no numeral number ?is it the same procedure like dot cards. Or any other methodology


  16. Hi mam how to introduce numerals to baby after dot cards. It same as dot 1 to 10 after 5 days add 11 and 12.and equation for addition subtraction and all ,please explain


  17. Hi mam I showed the dot cards to my baby who is 15 months old .now I’m showing multiplication along with dot numbers 61 to 80.. usually I showed as two sets of 5 cards each.i
    come to know that we should show maths dot cards in numbers order only but so far I dint showed the cards in order. I used to shuffle the cards after showing after each session.Will it confuse my baby of remembering numbers in order.?if so what will the solution to overcome this?


  18. Hi Ma’am
    Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. I have a 5 year old and a 3 month old. I just read about the doman program. I want to start for both ma’am but not sure how to start for my 5 year old she knows phonics and cvc words and she can read 4 digitnumber composition. Will she still benefit from the reading program. Is it too late? What other right brain activities would you recommend ma’am apart from flashcards.

    And for my 3 month old, when can I start word, encyclopedia and math cards. All simultaneously? How many cards to start with ma’am? How many cards should I prepare before starting each program? Please help. I am also a bit overwhelmed as to how to do for both at same time.

    Thank u,


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